I overslept yesterday.

When I woke up, it was to find a mustached painter peering in through my bedroom window.

He was painting the outdoor deck off of my bedroom.

I gasped, grabbed some clothes, and dashed for my closet … where I hastily dressed.

I have no window coverings in my house because I live in a canyon with no homes in front of, or behind, my house.

I emerged from my closet pretending to be ultra-nonchalant.

“I’ll just brush my teeth over here, Mr. Painter. No big deal.  See?  I just spit my toothpaste out.”

A quick brush of my unruly hair, a swipe of mascara …

Nothing to see here, Mr. Painter.

And THAT was just the beginning of my day yesterday.

I had a meeting in Newport Beach.

After it was over, I glanced in a mirror and realized I had a glob of lipgloss on a front tooth.

It had, of course, been on prominent display during the entire meeting.

I guess I was a little TOO nonchalant getting ready for my day?

In addition, my sinus infection has now traveled to my right ear which I can’t hear out of at all.

(Maybe that’s why I was so sleepy and overslept??)

The ear thing is also making me dizzy.

That means, I keep twirling around in circles in an effort to both:

a)  Hear what people are saying to me, and

b)  Not fall over from vertigo/dizzy spells due to all the fluid floating around in my ear.

I think I might have to make another visit to my doctor because, clearly, I’m far from 100% still.

(And I’m going on a flight in about a week … flights are terrible for sinus and ear problems.  I MUST be well by then!)

If you don’t have allergies every spring and fall be GRATEFUL!

Have you ever noticed when things don’t go smoothly, they REALLY don’t go smoothly?

Fred’s giant tail knocked 48 watercolor paint pans crashing to the floor.

Many of the paints separated from the actual pans and my floor became a rainbow of little squares.

Fred looked startled at the commotion behind him.

He, of course, had no idea how those pans came crashing down behind him.

As I quickly attempted to gather the paints, Frank grinned at me and swallowed one of my favorite colors.

“Frank!” I exclaimed.

Frank’s tail wagged excitedly.

Frank is still a puppy.

Eating watercolor squares sounds like a fun game to him.

In fact, all the more fun if he eats a favorite color and gets to hear me squeal.

Most of my week has been a series of these type of events.

Is it Friday yet?

3 Responses to “Chaos!”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    You sound like me! Allergies turned into a sinus infection which had me down for a week, which became an ear infection with fluid in both ears. I still have partial hearing loss in my left ear so my third doctor’s appointment is now with an ENT specialist! This is driving me crazy because I’m never sick. I feel your “ear”pain!

    • Suzanne

      The ONLY time I get “sick” is when it’s caused by/related to my allergies. I guess this has been a bad year due to all the rain? My doc put me on prednisone to make the swelling go down in my ear, but it hasn’t helped. I can’t get back to see him until Monday. Ugh! I hope you feel better soon. Let me know if they find a magic cure for you because I could use one before my flights!! xo

      • Missy Stalcup

        Yes I was also on a course of prednisone. When I went back to my doc she still saw fluid in one ear but it’s my left ear that continues to be plugged up with pain and hearing loss. I see ENT Tuesday morning and I will let you know what he says. This is so frustrating!


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