Monday, April 10th!

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a nice weekend.

I ordered a new mattress this weekend, isn’t that SUPER exciting?

It will be delivered today, and I imagine I’ll have sweet dreams tonight?

Age of current mattress = 25 years!

Distress caused to my back by my very old mattress = Extreme!

How long do most people keep a mattress?

Maybe 10 years?

It was an odd-weather weekend here.

Saturday morning I woke up to light rain.

My backyard view on Saturday morning.

The canyon and mountains are the greenest I’ve ever seen them.

We got a LOT of rain this year.

(The browner/dirt areas you see are where fire prevention folks have cut in firebreaks to aid in the event of a wildfire.)

Saturday’s morning rain shower didn’t last and I was out hiking on trails along ocean bluffs before noon.

There are a lot of pretty wild flowers on coastal bluffs right now.

There is yellow everywhere you look in Orange County these days.

Our hills are covered in yellow wildflowers … primarily wild mustard, but also yellow daisies as seen in the above photo.

I’m a little tentative hiking these days.

I can’t risk a fall because it would rupture my starting-to-heal tendon … so I take safer/flatter trails for the time being.

Eventually my hike led to a late afternoon walk on the beach.

Purple and yellow wildflowers cling to the side of the bluffs by the ocean – pelicans fly overhead.

It was such a beautiful afternoon.

I brought my camera and took a few photos.

Midday isn’t a good time for photography, but that’s okay … because my arm can’t take very many yet anyway.

I walked a couple miles until I arrived at The Beachcomber where I stopped for a very late, light, lunch.

While I was having lunch, a strong wind kicked up.

The ocean was covered in white caps and a weather advisory had been put out for small boats.

I had a few miles to walk/hike back to my parked car.

It was a struggle to walk directly INTO a strong wind the entire time.

(Post-lunch, I would have preferred to take a nap in one of the Crystal Cove Beach Cottages while waiting for the wind to subside.)

But, it helped to know I had company chaperoning me along my way.

Several dolphin swam and played nearby as I made my return trip.

It was really a nice way to spend a Saturday …

Hiking, followed by a beach walk, lunch with an ocean view, and frolicking dolphins to accompany me on my journey home.

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  1. Michelle

    With the exception of walking into the wind, that sounds like an ideal day. Hope your mattress was as comfortable as expected!


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