Seven Things I Love Lately

I meant to have this up earlier, but better late than never?

It’s always fun to share things I’ve been enjoying.

I love when people share “finds” with me, and I also love sharing with you.

Some of these items might have been mentioned in the past, but they’re worth repeating.

•  Skincare –  I have the most sensitive skin imaginable.  Seriously, I can’t even use most of the “for sensitive skin” products. But, I’ve had great luck with the Skinceuticals line of products. (They’re sold mainly in doctor’s offices, but I purchase mine online. It’s important to order directly from the actual company because there are unauthorized people selling “fake” Skinceutical products online.  Amazon is NOT an authorized seller.)  I don’t own all of their products, but I can tell you I consider one of their products to truly be an-almost-miracle-in-a-bottle.  And? I won’t lie – it’s very expensive. But a bottle lasts a LONG, LONG, time and it’s worth every penny.  The product I’m referring to is Skinceuticals C E Ferulic.  My dermatologist recommended it to me years ago (after I was found to have melanoma – an often deadly form of skin cancer) and it’s amazing. I saw an immediate change in my skin and I’ve never looked back.  If I was being sent to live alone on a desert island this would be the ONE skincare product I’d bring with me. Yes, Skinceuticals makes a lot of other great products too … but it took years before I could afford to add a few more of them into my skincare routine.

•  Curling Iron  –  Can you believe I’ve been curling my hair lately? I haven’t curled it in years. No, I’m not suddenly girly-er-ish. I’ve been growing my hair long and it’s just finally gotten to a length where I prefer it with a few loose waves and/or curls.  My decades old curling iron no longer worked so it went in the trash.  My stylist recommended the Hot Tools Curling Iron and it’s great.  Wow, curling irons sure have improved in the last  two  decade s!  It even has a temperature gauge on it so I can adjust it for my particular type of hair.  (Stop laughing at me!)

•  Viral Extreme ColorWash  –  I mentioned my pink hair in a previous blog post.  I now own THREE different colors of this shampoo. One is light pink, my favorite is hot pink, and I also own purple.  I plan to eventually purchase red and blue also so I can make my hair patriotic when I feel the need.  I love this shampoo because it’s so easy. I take it in the shower and shampoo the bottom half of my hair with it.  (You can shampoo/color ALL your hair if you want, but I happen to like the top left blonde and the bottom bright and cheery.)  I will warn you, as I’m rinsing the shampoo out, it looks like I murdered someone in the shower but the color washes away easily.  Because this is just a colored shampoo, the color fades quickly … making it fun for a few days without making a true commitment.  If you want to keep your hair a bright color, you can just keep shampooing with the color of your choice.  Personally, I’ve been only doing it about once a week.  I let it fade away and then, if I feel like it, I pick a new color and do it again.  It’s FUN!

•  I Wrote This For You by Iain S. Thomas.  This book was recommended to me by one of my artist friends. I had zero expectations when I purchased it and, truth be told, I didn’t even know what type of book I was purchasing.  When it arrived, I opened it to a random page and read, “And when I asked you how you’d been I meant I missed you more than I’ve ever missed anything before.”  The words were below a blurred photo.  That was it … those were the only words on the page.  I began flipping. Some pages … well, the words cut like a knife.  Others were comforting.  It is an amazing, profound, touching book of words, emotions and photos.  I find this book to be both haunting and soothing.  It’s hard to imagine anyone would not be touched in some way while perusing this book.

•  Secura Stainless Steel Electric Water Kettle 1.8 Quart  –  I make iced tea daily.  My son bought me a big glass pitcher to keep it in.  I finally caved in and listened to the advice of my non-American friends who all own electric water kettles.  (Why aren’t electric kettles a THING here in America?)  I wanted an electric water kettle that would be big enough to heat enough water to fill my pitcher. I didn’t want any plastic or silicon parts to be in contact with the water. I wanted it to have a cool exterior to the touch so I wouldn’t burn myself, AND I wanted it to heat water REALLY FAST.  This is the only water kettle I could find that fit all those criteria.  I use it every day and I love it.  It’s a small thing but it’s made my tea making easier and faster and much more enjoyable.

•  Yeti Rambler 30 oz. Tumbler  –  People who know me well know I always have a cold drink of tea or water with me.  If it isn’t it my hand, it’s in my car, on the table next to me … or within easy reach.  I’ve tried every type of cup/tumbler I can get my hands on and I haven’t found anything to beat the Yeti.  If I fill it with ice one morning, and use/refill it with my drink of choice all day … and then leave it sitting on my kitchen counter all night … THERE WILL STILL BE UNMELTED ICE IN IT THE NEXT MORNING.  There are a lot of fake Yeti cups out there.  I even watched a YouTube video of some man sawing through a Yeti imitation and an actual Yeti tumbler to see why the Yeti works so much better.  Splurge and get a REAL Yeti cup. You’ll have it forever, and you’ll never regret purchasing it.

Hot Man does not come with the Yeti cup!

•  Trish McEvoy Essential Pencil in Nude  –  I don’t wear much makeup … and, on many days, I don’t wear any.  I like this pencil because it can be many things.  You can use it as a lip liner if you’re so inclined.  It’s a fat pencil. I use the side of it (like a crayon), for a light all-over lip color. In nude, it adds just a little color.  I can be out the door quickly – looking just a little more put together than if I did nothing at all.  It lasts way longer than most lipsticks and/or lip glosses. (I often put a little lip gloss over it just because I have very dry lips and want extra moisture.)  The pencil itself is not drying.  I have a friend who has used this pencil on her eyes and cheeks also.  Really, it’s just a great thing to have in your bag … easy to use, and great for those of us who prefer a low maintenance lifestyle.

OK, I think that’s probably a lot for one day!

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

If you have a recent favorite thing, I’d love to hear about it!

7 Responses to “Seven Things I Love Lately”

  1. Tiziana

    What do you mean electric kettles are not a thing in America? Do you use traditional one or none at all? I use it all the time – apart from making tea, to boil water quickly in the kettle and pour the boiled water in pot to quickly cook pasta, couscous, rice or to prepare stock to add to soups or risotto 🙂

    • Suzanne

      Americans are primarily coffee drinkers. We have zillions of different coffee makers … from simple to quite fancy. Electric kettles are not a commonplace item here. I know about them from my friends and travels abroad. Most people here, if they want tea, just microwave a cup of water. I used a traditional stove top kettle because I make a pitcher of iced tea at a time. I’m in love with my new electric kettle. It would never have crossed my mind to use it for making pasta, rice, etc.

      • Tiziana

        There’s always something new to learn from each other 🙂

  2. Gina

    Thanks for these great ideas! I love it when bloggers preview their favorite things:)

    • Suzanne

      Yes! It’s been quite a spring here.
      Absolutely beautiful!


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