Tuesday, April 25th 2017

Life is getting busy and my calendar for the next few months is suddenly getting very full.

May is the month of my official medical “release” to begin my life again – so yay!!

(Of course, I have to ramp up gradually but YAY anyway!!)

As is the case after every surgery, I’m very out of shape from so much sedentary time.

It will be nice to begin reclaiming my life on so many fronts.

I’m currently having the exterior of the house painted and it’s a nightmare with Fred and Frank.

They LOVE to be in the backyard, but can’t be back there with wet paint, etc.

I can’t take 300+ pounds of dog out for a walk with my still healing Tentative Tendon.

(The pups get a long morning and evening walk every day, but I’m currently unable to be the one taking them on those walks.)

Yesterday, Fred gave me quite a “talking to” when I told him he couldn’t go nap outside in his favorite napping space.

And yes, Fred can talk.

It’s not barking, it’s talking … and there’s no misunderstanding his meaning.

Fred is a great communicator.

(Frank?  Not so much!)

Nothing can make a person feel more guilty than the reproachful eyes of a Newfie.


I did some light shooting in Laguna Beach on Saturday, and in Newport Beach on Sunday.

Laguna at sunset:

Pelicans flying into a beautiful sunset.

I was in Laguna catching up with some friends and, of course, I couldn’t resist a few sunset shots.

On Sunday, I went for a looooooong walk up and down the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach.

The weather wasn’t as nice as it had been Saturday, but it was nice enough – considering it’s April still.

Balboa Village is on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach.

The Peninsula is always crowded, and there’s almost always a lot of traffic.

But, it’s great for long walks and the people watching is phenomenal.

The Golden Hour – my favorite time of day!  (Balboa Peninsula)

You can walk for miles on the bike path up and down the peninsula.

Bikers, joggers, skateboarders, roller skaters, and walkers all share the path without a problem.

The boardwalk was pretty empty just before sunset on a Sunday evening.

All in all, it was a nice weekend even though it wasn’t a take-your-breath-away exciting one.

I hope you had a nice weekend too!


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