Happy Monday – Favorite Things!

Summer has arrived in Orange County, and I love it!

(Remind me I said that next time I complain about the heat.)

It was a beautiful weekend weather-wise.

I enjoyed some pool-time, family-time, beach-time, and a night out with friends.

I’m very, very, sore from increases to my PT activities and also from swimming with a “gentle” breaststroke.

(Soreness is, of course, to be expected!  I told my doc I don’t want to take any type of pain medications. I’ll deal with it.)

I thought I’d share a few more things I like today.

•  Paul Green shoes  –  I recently tried on some Paul Green shoes and loved them.

He makes several I like, but here are photos of two of my favorites.

(Warning – they aren’t cheap – but they’re very COMFORTABLE, stylish, shoes!)

Paul Green Mindy Sandal

Paul Green Lois Sandal

I wore the Mindy Sandals (top photo) with boyfriend jeans and a fancy top (to go out with friends) last Saturday night.

Even though they’re an expensive pair of shoes, they can be worn with everything from dresses to jeans … and they’re COMFORTABLE.

Here in Southern California, I’ll be able to wear them year round so I don’t doubt I’ll get my money’s worth out of them.

The Lois Sandal (second photo) can also be worn with almost anything.

The heel is lower so they’re a nice pick if you’re going to be doing a lot of standing on your feet and/or walking.

(I’ve linked both pairs of sandals in the captions under the photos.)

•  Do you need a dress for a wedding/graduation/event?

Here’s a cute suggestion:

Chelsea Butterfly Sleeve Dress

I don’t wear many dresses, but it seems like every spring/summer I need one or two for some type of event and/or function.

The Chelsea dress is a fresh take and cool enough for warm weather.

•  OPI Nail Polish in Lucky Lucky Lavender


OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

Lucky Lucky Lavender is one of my all-time  favorite colors of nail polish.

It wears like a neutral with a sprinkle of happiness on top.

Need I say more?

•  Alpha Skin Care Renewal Body Lotion With 12% Glycolic AHA

Alpha Renewal Body Lotion

OK, this is a weird one.

It’s a body lotion.  I apply it once, each day, after I shower.

It makes my skin SO SOFT.

It has glycolic acid in it which exfoliates your skin ….

In turn, that helps your skin look better, feel softer, and (supposedly) stay younger.

If you have dry skin (my legs!) it’s a must.

One of my girlfriends puts it on her elbows, knees and ankles regularly.

It’s great for those extra dry/scaly/crepey areas.

Every friend I’ve told about this product has ended up loving it and using it on a regular basis.

You don’t HAVE TO keep your lizard skin …!

I’m sure that’s PLENTY for one day.

I’ll be back again as soon as possible –

I’ve got another house guest arriving this week.

Life is crazy right now!

2 Responses to “Happy Monday – Favorite Things!”

  1. Missy Stalcup

    I always browse the Paul Green shoes at Nordstrom but I haven’t purchased due to the price. The Mindy is adorable. I love the open bootie look. Thanks for the body lotion suggestion. I have really dry skin so I will have to check it out. I am currently loving a new cream from Even Skin called Lavish which is a rich body cream that is wonderful and it works on creepy skin too! I am so happy to hear that you are progressing, albeit slowly, in your physical therapy.

  2. Suzanne

    Thanks Missy.
    I agree, Paul Green shoes are too expensive.
    I’d love several pair, but I can’t afford them.


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