I’m Baaaaaaaaaack!

Hello, hello!

I’m back in Orange County.

I wanted to put out another quick reminder of the 25% Discount Code (DDSuzanne25) Dean Davidson Jewelry is offering through May 15th.

I need to remind myself, too, because I want to place an order before the code expires.

Here’s a pair of Dean’s earrings I’ve been wearing a lot lately:

Infinite Earrings Gold/White Topaz

They’re so lightweight and pretty – I love them.

In other news, it’s so nice to be back home.

I’ve got a ton of catching up to do, and also ….

My calendar is exploding.

After months of post-surgery boredom, I’m re-entering real life at warp speed.

I’ll have family visiting beginning this weekend, and I have another trip out of town in just a couple weeks.

I also came home to yet ANOTHER hummingbird nest with a mama hummingbird sitting on her eggs.

I think my backyard is Orange County’s hummingbird nursery this year.

I missed Fred and Frank SO MUCH while I was gone.

There’s been a lot of Newfie cuddling going on since I got back.

Fred is, perhaps, the biggest cuddler on earth … all 180 pounds of him!

Frank loves being pet, but he doesn’t (yet?) like full body snuggles like Fred does.

I was in the Pacific Northwest last week.

Part of the time I was there, a heat wave was taking place.

It was fabulous!

When I think of the Pacific Northwest, I think of trees ….

A warm day in the shade of beautiful trees.

I can never get enough of nature when I’m there.

It’s too bad it rains so much of the time.

(Although, I know the rain is what makes the trees and rivers so beautiful.)

I’ll try to be a bit more consistent with the blogging next week.

Although, I’ll have family here visiting so we’ll see how I do.

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  1. Michelle

    It is such a disconcerting perspective to be lying on the ground looking up at trees. Magnificent, but really throws out my balance – even when lying down!


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