May 2, 2017

Have I mentioned how incredibly happy I am May is here?

May is magical for me this year because I’m finally allowed to return to work …. gradually, of course.

I’m not going to lie, it has been really tough having three surgeries in a year.

It seemed like life would never get back to any version of normal, but I can finally say I’m stepping back into real life.


My first flight is …


Does that make you laugh?

I have things to do!

It’s been killing me to wait out all this healing stuff …..

“Let’s go shooting!”  –  Fred is eager to get back to work too!

It will take awhile to get back in a routine.

I know I still have a lot of physical therapy ahead of me.

I also know there will be setbacks along the way because there always are.


I’m also very excited about the post I shared yesterday regarding Dean Davidson’s Jewelry.

Today, I thought I’d share a photo of Dean’s Castle Rings.

The Castle Ring is one of Dean’s best selling items.


I ordered a Castle Ring set in gold with ocean blue chalcedony a little over a week ago.

It should arrive any day now.

(In the above photo, the blue chalcedony is the stone set in silver.  Isn’t it pretty?)

I love to wear statement rings on the middle finger of my right hand.

I think I’m going to have to start collecting Dean’s rings in every style/color imaginable.

(Maybe I already have?  It would be embarrassing if I told you how many DD statement rings I already have …!)

I just love them – they’ve become a total addiction.

I get so many compliments on my rings when I’m shooting …

They make an impact in a really GOOD way.

Dean Davidson Castle Ring in Gold/Green Onyx

Don’t forget Dean is offering a 25% discount on his jewelry to all my friends through May 15th.

(Discount code:  DDSuzanne25)

And once again, no, I’m not making money off Dean’s jewelry ….

I’m just sharing something I love.

I hope you love it too!


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