May 30th 2017

If you’re based in the United States, I hope you had a safe Memorial Day weekend.

I’m exhausted from the weekend even though it doesn’t seem like I did much of anything.

On Saturday, I had guests the first half of the day and then MORE guests in the late afternoon.

I was in L.A. all day on Sunday enjoying a fun “girl’s day” with my daughter.

We spent the day together as a slightly early birthday celebration – her birthday is tomorrow.

I spent another ENTIRE day cleaning out closets, drawers and cupboards.

I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t, I’d soon be a Certified Hoarder.

(Eleven years of one-arm-ness means a lot of “deep cleaning” has been neglected.)

I feel like I’ll never make a dent in everything that needs my attention around the house.

But, I’m determined to keep chipping away at it one drawer/cupboard/closet at a time.

It’s very satisfying to get rid of stuff (either by donation or throwing it away), isn’t it?

I also spent some time working on my calendar for the next twelve months because I have a lot of various trips that needed scheduling.

(Just looking at my calendar might be what exhausted me?)

I’m trying to get to both Cuba and Australia for shooting purposes in the next 9-10 months …

Self portrait (foot portrait?) take in Oregon.

I also have a zillion other “small” trips scheduled.

In fact, I have at least one trip per month already booked every month between now and May 2018.

Today, I have appointments nonstop all day ….

Ending with my very first private yoga lesson.

Yes, I finally found someone willing to work with me on yoga modifications for my arm.

Thanks to many of YOU, I also have a few other names to look into if this instructor doesn’t work out.

I’m hoping today will be the first step on my path to a new version of normal.

(How many times in the last five years has Paul Newman had to listen to me say, “But, I just want to be normal?”)

Truth be told,

I’ve NEVER been “normal.”

And, I think that’s a good thing ….

6 Responses to “May 30th 2017”

  1. Julieanne Welsh

    … Australia, you say? 😉 😉 😉


  2. Michelle

    We’d love to have you in Australia. But I am aware that Australia is a big country with a LOT of things to see, and I’m just in a little corner in the bottom of Victoria…

    Also, love the foot portrait. The colors are amazing.

    • Julieanne Welsh

      Hey Michelle! Greetings from Sydney 🙂 nice to meet a fellow Aussie 24-at-Heart-er 😉

      • Suzanne

        I actually have a pretty big Aussie following, but people don’t comment much anymore!

    • Suzanne

      Thank you!
      Yep, planning on Australia in Jan or Feb.
      Not sure exactly WHERE yet … just beginning to plan the trip!


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