Up, Up and Away!

I’m away on a trip today.

I *think* I’ll have time to post a few times while I’m away.

I’ve had the craziest week.

Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the weirdness of life and keep marching along.

Before I hop on my plane, I want to share with you a few photos of my Crown Ring from Dean Davidson.

(Dean Davidson 25% off discount code = DDSuzanne25)

As my daughter says, “It’s a massive statement ring.”

Crown Ring in Gold/Labradorite

I love labradorite.

My mom used to wear the most beautiful labradorite pendant.

I thought it was a magical stone … the way the colors would change and light up depending on how the light struck it.

If you aren’t familiar with labradorite, it can appear almost as a dullish grey/green until the light hits it just right.

I loved my mom’s pendant so much, she bought me a similar one many years later.

When I realized Dean sells all sorts of labradorite jewelry my heart lit up.

In this photo the labradorite is “on fire” from the sunlight hitting it through my car window.  (iPhone)

 A Crown Ring is BIG, and it isn’t something I’ll wear every day.

It is, however, something I’ll get a ton of compliments on when I do wear it.

(Like all of Dean’s jewelry, the Crown Ring is available set in different types of metal and with various choices of stones.)

The Crown Ring is beautiful in Ocean Blue Chalcedony also.

If you do decide to purchase a Crown Ring, I would suggest buying up one size.

I had planned to wear mine on the middle finger of my right hand and ordered my sizing based on that.

But, the ring goes so far up my finger, it was a little too tight near my knuckle.

I ended up having a jeweler friend size it down for my ring finger instead.

I couldn’t resist purchasing the matching Chalice Cuff in labradorite also.

(Maybe someday I’ll purchase labradorite earrings too??)

The Chalice Cuff (bracelet) is both sexy and streamlined.  (labradorite)

I think the hardest thing for me is picking which stones to choose for Dean’s jewelry.

I like to mix metals so I don’t have a problem picking the metals.

But, I can agonize over the stone forever.

The only way NOT to agonize over the stones is to buy one of each??

I mean, pink is so pretty but so is mint green … and then there are the blues … and turquoise!

And black onyx … well, I’ve always wanted a black onyx ring so what am I going to do about THAT?

Also, I would LOVE to have a beautiful rainbow moonstone!

And on and on I go with my agonizing.

I hope, if you make a purchase from Dean, you’ll let me know what you end up choosing.

It’s too bad we don’t all live close to each other so we could swap and share.

(Dean Davidson 25% off discount code = DDSuzanne25)


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