Real Life …

In case you’re wondering what my week’s been like ….

My kitchen came with a double oven unit.

It hasn’t been working well for ages.

The temperature goes UP and comes DOWN at random intervals leaving the user with no clue as to whether anything is really cooking or not.

I had a repairman out awhile back, and he did his best but the unit completely died about two weeks ago.

I just had a new unit (which consists of two ovens) put in.

The day after the install, my downstairs air conditioning unit broke.

Every summer, one of my two a/c units seems to break.

(My house came with two units – one for downstairs and one for upstairs.)

Of course, the a/c units never break when it is 80 degrees outside …

They only break when temperatures reach 100F or more.

Fred, Frank, and I have been pretty miserable over this last week – enduring quite a heat wave.

Newfies don’t do well in hot weather.

I pulled out fans, put ice cubes in their water bowls, fed them chilled watermelon – which they love.

I did my very best to keep them as cool as possible.

Yesterday, the day the heat wave broke and temperatures returned to the 80’s, a repairman finally showed up to fix my air conditioner.

It has been a very expensive two weeks.

In addition, I had a “skin check” with my dermatologist this week.

Having had melanoma before,  I have to go in for regular skin checks.

He decided to do a shave biopsy on a light spot above my lip.

A shave biopsy is where they scrape off a little skin to look at the pathology of the cells.

It isn’t a big deal – particularly to someone with my medical history.

But, as a result, it looks like I have a smear of dark chocolate (the scraped area) right above my mouth and people keep staring at it.

I’m just waiting for someone to try to wipe my face for me.

Lastly, when I returned from the biopsy, I walked into my house to find both Fred and Frank had “escaped” and wreaked havoc throughout my house.

Newfies shed a LOT and drool a LOT so Fred and Frank are confined to the downstairs portion of my house.

(I have bullet proof brick floors downstairs, and carpet upstairs.)

Frank, however, is a master escape artist and has learned how to circumvent every type of barrier I’ve created to contain him.

Fred finds it very interesting to watch Frank devise escape plans, and sometimes he’ll even join in on the actual escape.

(Not always though – sometimes I find Fred staying, obediently, downstairs while Frank freaks out with joy running all over the house.)

Anyway, I came home to find the Newfies had drank out of all three toilet bowls …. or, at the very least, played in them.

There was water all over the bathroom floors and no water left in the toilets.

Newfies do love water!

I’m pretty sure the very definition of a Water Dog is NEWFIE.

They must have had quite a splash party because even the carpets had gotten a little wet during their toilet water play session.

In addition, one of the two dogs (Frank!) had mistaken my green floor towel stand for a tree and peed on it.

(In fairness, it DOES sort of look like a tree???)

My extra lush, snow-white, NICE bath towels were peed on and there was a conspicuous yellow puddle at the foot of the green towel stand.

Fortunately for me, (can I say the word “fortunate” with the week I’ve had?) my washing machine has an extra heavy duty “sanitize” cycle that runs for two hours with extremely hot water.

I may have washed my towels TWICE on the sanitize cycle.

On a positive note, I had a great yoga session on Wednesday.

My instructor made further adjustments for my arm and I survived in much less pain than last week.

I really enjoyed the session and it renewed a spark of hope in me.

How has your week been?

I’m ready for a weekend.




4 Responses to “Real Life …”

  1. Linda

    Sweetie- your upcoming trips sound amazing, your unruly dogs are adorable and your pics of the hummingbirds were awesome.
    I’m glad you are doing yoga- I wish I could get back into it.

    I feel like I missed a bunch- I guess because my life has been so eventful lately.

    My partner and I just moved in together- (it’s a he- I just don’t like the term boyfriend LOL so I find myself referring to him as my partner) we work together (have for 10 years)- and now we have a job working from our new home in the adorable little “just outside downtown” Cleveland apartment we rented. We have a view of the city and the lake and we can almost see the Cleveland Browns stadium (our biggest client) I’ve been following you for as many years as you have been blogging I think. I do not know if I ever told you much about me?

    Anyway- I am inspired by you Suzanne and I root for you every chance I get.

    I’m glad I am living life on MY terms these days- as I see YOU strive to do. (((Hugs)))

  2. Suzanne

    Congratulations Linda – that all sounds awesome.
    I’m so glad your life is so busy and fun now.
    I knew you’d gotten divorced and it sounds like you’ve found your happily ever after!


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