This, That, And The Other Thing

Happy summer!

It’s been VERY hot here in Southern California.

I’ve been trying to hide from the sweltering (!) heat when I can …

I wanted to update you on all sorts of random stuff today.

It looks like I’ll be going to Cuba in October!

Yep, as of right now my trip is ON in spite of recent changes to Cuba travel restrictions.

I’m very excited – I’ve wanted to visit the country for years.

My itinerary for Cuba is jam-packed.

I’m trying to cram in as much as possible while I’m there.

I expect I’ll be thoroughly exhausted by the time I return.

I will also definitely be in Australia in mid February.

The exact dates aren’t set yet, and neither are the exact locations I’ll be visiting.

I do know I’ll be in Sydney, of course.

I’m also trying to spend a day shooting in the Blue Mountains.

I would like to also visit/see:  Melbourne, the great Ocean Road (a must!), Adelaide, Ayres Rock, and the Great Barrier Reef.

I’ve had to take Perth off my list because there won’t be enough time to see it.

Quite honestly, I’ll probably have to take more things off my list too because I don’t think I’ll have enough time and/or money to do everything I want to do.

If you’re one of my Aussie readers, I’d love to hear suggestions and tips.

I’ve got two book suggestions for those of you who are readers.

Most of my reading time ends up being on planes.

Both of today’s suggestions are pretty easy reads – and neither of them are “new.”

First is All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda.

This book is an entertaining, plot-twisting, fun, summer read.

I’ve known several people who read this book and all of them seemed to enjoy it.

Second is Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

It was a New York Times Bestseller … and I just recently got around to reading it.

This book/memoir was so achingly REAL, it was hard not to be impacted by it.

During recent trips I also read:

The Woman in Cabin 10

Lilac Girls

A Man Called Ove  (Made me cry – I LOVE old men!!)

Yes, I do read at an unnaturally (!!) fast speed.

I’ve always been like that and it’s a little freaky to most of the people in my life.

If you have any good summer books, I’d love to hear about them.

Yoga Update

I might have spoken too soon with all my yoga enthusiasm.

After my last session, my arm flipped out and also popped off my body.  (Subluxed.)

Paul Newman has been on vacation so I couldn’t see him.

Between his trips and mine, I’ve barely been at PT for weeks.

He returns later this week so, hopefully, he’ll be able to help me.

I did go visit one of his co-workers to try to get a little help in the meantime.

Co-worker tried to push my shoulder back into place and it hurt a lot.

(It hurts a lot when Paul Newman does it also.)

I have yoga again this week and I’m planning to go, but I’ll have to skip most of the arm-related stuff.

Sometimes I think I’m just hitting my head against a wall over, and over,

And over again with this disabled arm of mine.

Someday, I suppose, I’ll accept “this is it” and stop trying to make my damn arm work.

But, for now, my stubborn nature keeps pushing me into trying again and again.

Honestly, I exhaust myself with my own stubbornness.

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  1. Julieanne

    Hi Suzanne! Great news about your trip! I’ll drop you an e-mail 🙂 cheers xx

  2. Missy Stalcup

    I also just read A Man Called Ove and laughed and cried as well. Great book. I found the movie on Netflix this weekend and it was fun to watch.

    • Suzanne

      I don’t think I could watch the movie.
      I’d probably do the ugly cry!
      : )


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