Random Babbling

I’m waiting for an electrician to show up.

This is the summer of costly home repairs?

I thought I’d Random Ramble to you while I’m waiting.

Here goes ….

First, I’m so tired of everyone wearing “cold shoulder” shirts.

This is just stupid?

It is ALL you see in the stores.

It is ALL you see girls/women wearing.

And ….?

I think it’s ridiculous, overdone, and only looks good on girls about the age of 10.

However, if you own dozens of cold shoulder shirts –

  1. I don’t blame you because there’s nothing else available to purchase, and
  2. I’m sure you’re an exception and look wonderful in it.

Second, my arm/injuries/disability is a pre-existing condition.

I’m sure I’ll be dealing with the aftermath of the car accident in some manner or another for the rest of my life.

Just saying …..

Third, Paul Newman has changed up my routine recently.

I’m now with a new, more patient/encouraging/positive tech for strengthening activities.

I’ve also begun working on a pilates reformer for some of my arm/upper body strengthening and I’ll be continuing that in the future.

I think both of these changes are positive things.

It’s hard to feel good about pt when you’re working with someone who clearly doesn’t want to work with you and/or has an attitude of, “You could do this if you actually wanted to.”

(I’ve been on this journey for eleven years – I don’t have time for people with bad attitudes.)

Fourth, I’m loving yoga.

Or pre-yoga as I call it.

Pre is for pretend because there’s very little REAL yoga I can do with my arm.

I love my instructor … she does “therapeutic” yoga and loves working with people who have physical challenges.

I’m currently spending an hour with her each week.

We do exercises/stretches for my entire body but she’s concentrating a lot on strengthening and stabilizing my core and upper body.

In a way, it’s kind of an “extra” physical therapy session each week.

I feel like it’s a huge benefit to me right now as I try to get my body working again.

Fifth,  The electrician just showed up.

He “loves” dogs, but is terrified of Fred and Frank “because they’re as big as bears.”

Frank requesting a walk.

I guess Frank looks like a panda bear, and Fred (quite obviously) most resembles a black bear?

Like most people, the electrician asked if he could take a photo of them because “no one will believe there are dogs as big as these.”

People’s reactions to my very sweet, loving, Fur Faces always makes me laugh.

Frank, on the couch, enjoying watching TV.

Fred did bark once at the electrician just to say hello.

The electrician grabbed his heart and said, “That bark was so big I could FEEL it.”


Fred currently weighs around 180 pounds and Frank, my puppy, is only 140 – 145.

OK, I’m off to answer electrician questions.

Have a wonderful day!

4 Responses to “Random Babbling”

  1. Michelle

    So sorry you have all these expenses over Summer. Summer should be for fun and relaxing, not waiting for technicians.

    Glad you have a new positive strengthening tech. You need someone to encourage, not berate when you are exercising, well, I do anyways. I’ve been doing reformer pilates since November last year, and found I am so much stronger in my core (why I was doing it). As an example, we picked up 20kg concrete pavers at my parents mid-November to bring home. They were soooo heavy. When we laid them here, in March, so much easier to pick up and move! I think the pilates is doing what I want it to! Plus, I’ve had three people in the last week ask if I’ve lost weight – I put that down to pilates as well, as I’m definitely not doing anything in that regard!


    • Suzanne

      That’s great about your pilates results – congrats!
      I tried pilates once before but it was a fail with my arm … and then I had more surgeries.
      This time I’m just doing little arm strengthening things with the reformer, but hopefully I’ll progress and be able to do more in time.

  2. Judi

    I am so with you on those cold shoulder shirts!

    Having been through PT multiple times over the last decade, the person you’re working with makes all the difference. I was so lucky to have found my “Paul Newman” who had a great tech. They were the perfect blend of support, motivation, and ass kicking when I needed it, and got me through recovery from three major surgeries.

    • Suzanne

      Yes, the people are the key – aren’t they?
      I would not trade Paul Newman for the world.
      He’s been a blessing for me.
      And, I know all of his people are well qualified – it’s just a matter of having a good personality match also. Most PT patients are there for a few months. I realize my case is unusual and challenging. But, I need support and patience as a result of that – and someone who understands a long term recovery is much different than a “normal” recovery.


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