The Summer of Heat

My air conditioning is broken again/still/forever.

A repairman is working on it (yet again) today.

It has NOT worked more than it has worked this summer.

It’s a fairly new unit, and supposedly a very good quality unit, so why does it break all the time?

It’s made me into a Hot Woman this summer – which is something I aspired to be frequently when I was younger.


Not so much.

Keep your fingers crossed it will be working by the end of today …

And, hopefully, keep working this time.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few photos from my recent trip to Santa Barbara.

I had a great 4th of July – which was also my THIRTIETH wedding anniversary.

Damn, I’m getting old?

Our “big” anniversary celebration will be the trip to Australia in February.

But, a quick trip up the coast was a great way to celebrate the “real” date.

Driving north – through the car window mountains to the right, ocean (not shown) to the left.

Once you get north of L.A., the drive becomes pretty.

Mountains on one side of the road and ocean on the other.

I played “Ventura Highway” by America a few times as I drove north on Ventura Highway.

After a couple hours, I reached Santa Barbara ….

From inside my car:  Entering Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is my forever happy place.

I’ve got a lifetime of memories wrapped up in the town.

My dream would be to return permanently to live and have a small studio there.

Maybe someday?

Mountain view from my hotel’s roof.

I stayed downtown at the Kimpton Canary hotel.

I’ve stayed there before.

It’s convenient because I can park my car and walk everywhere – through the town, to the beach, to most of my favorite restaurants, etc.

(I only used the car once in four days – when I decided to drive north of Santa Barbara to El Capitan State Beach one day.)

The Kimpton also has a pool, bar, fireplace and lounging area on the roof of the hotel.

Ocean view from my hotel’s roof.

One day, as I walked near the ocean, I came across a fisherman just as he caught a small octopus.

He brought it out of the water, and then let it walk around a little for me to watch.

It was very creepy to see a slimey, eight armed creature, “walking” towards me.

I’m pretty sure it was trying to say, “Help meeeeeee!”

After he laughed at my reaction, and posed for a photo, he threw it back in the ocean so it could grow up to be a big octopus.

Fisherman with small octopus – which he released after a few photos.

I’ve got many more photos to go through still.

I haven’t had time and I’ve fallen behind with three trips last month – Nashville, Texas, and Santa Barbara.

I’ll be home (I think?) for a few weeks so I’ll try to share more with you as I get to them.


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