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August Clouds

I apologize for not having an opportunity to write a “real” post for today. Instead, all I can offer you is clouds. Yesterday evening, I went for a short walk to test out my sprained ankle. (And yes, I iced … Continued

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Summer Is Over

My son returned to Texas, and college, yesterday afternoon. For me, his departure means summer is now officially over. I’ve been on the road so much lately, I’ve got piles of work projects waiting for me. The remainder of 2014 … Continued

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Newfoundland Puppies!

Towards the end of last week, a litter of Newfie puppies was born. The puppies were born to a mama dog named Vada who is owned by Heartease Newfoundlands in British Columbia. Here’s a photo of Vada and one of … Continued

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Orange County’s Cutest Couple

I’m working on photo editing for a client. They might be the cutest couple in Orange County? You might remember Adam the owner of¬†WrightWay Fitness? He’s gorgeous – I’m sure you haven’t forgotten him? Adam asked me to take a … Continued

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San Francisco – Artistic Expression

I’d like to get your opinion on a San Francisco photo I published recently. The photo is titled: ¬†I Take My Martini Dirty. I took it from the second tallest building in San Francisco. I had an opportunity to shoot … Continued

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Randomness …

I’m having a very chaotic week. I apologize to all of you who are waiting to hear back from me. (And there are a lot of you!) I returned from my trip last weekend to an overwhelming amount of stuff … Continued

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A Zonkey

I met a zonkey on my recent travels. I was told there are only thirty six zonkeys in the United States. The zonkey I met was named after the cartoon character Eeyore. His name is Zeeyore. Zeeyore was very friendly … Continued

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Organized Chaos?

I’m back in Orange County. I’ve been traveling three of the last four weeks. It’s really nice to be home. (Except for the laundry and all the other catch-up chores I need to take care of.) I’m sure I’ll get … Continued

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Sometimes, when I’m not expecting to take a photo … I find myself with only a milli-second to react and shoot. Such was the case the other day when I glanced up to see this dolphin pod passing by. If … Continued