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My Dog Friend

Nike’s dog, Reggie, came to visit me Friday evening. I think he remembers when I dog-sat him. He wasn’t shy. It was only a matter of minutes until he climbed into my lap.  

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Surf’s Up!

You’ve probably heard about enormous waves hitting the Southern California coast this week. The much-larger-than-normal sized waves were a result of a hurricane in Mexico. “They” say they were the largest waves to hit Orange County in decades. Honestly? I … Continued

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Cooking, Cooking, And OC Women

I spent a good deal of yesterday cooking. Why? Normal people (and by normal people I mean MOST people) live on a regular schedule. My life is chaotic. Great sunset? I’m shooting. If there are clouds – I’m shooting. If … Continued

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The Labor Day Lull

I always look forward to Labor Day, but for different reasons than most people. I want Labor Day weekend to be over with. I want the tourists to depart, and “my” beaches to be empty again. I know, I know … Continued

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Hurricane Sunset ..?

There’s a hurricane off of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. It’s creating STUFF here in Orange County. For instance, we have huge monster waves. (Hopefully I’ll have time to get a few snaps today!) Some of those waves wanted to … Continued

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Newfoundland Puppies – One Week Old

I want to share an update on the Newfoundland puppies. They turned one week old last Friday. The photos I’m sharing today were taken by Heartsease Newfoundlands over the last couple days. What could be cuter than this pile of … Continued

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Gray Whale!!

I thought some of you might enjoy seeing this shot of a gray whale breaching. I took this photo on my road trip up the California coast. My son and I saw lots and lots of whales on our trip. … Continued

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Photo Sharing

My friend, Jan, suggested I share some of the photos I edited this week. I think she’s curious to see what happens to my brain (creatively) while I’m on pain meds. I’m not on drugs NOW, but I was on … Continued

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Bah Humbug!

It’s amazing how productive I can be when I’m left alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids more than anything. But ..? All my kids are currently somewhere other than at my house. Yesterday (after an early morning … Continued

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August Clouds

I apologize for not having an opportunity to write a “real” post for today. Instead, all I can offer you is clouds. Yesterday evening, I went for a short walk to test out my sprained ankle. (And yes, I iced … Continued