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And, It’s Almost Thanksgiving

I don’t know where time goes, but it just POOF! disappears. I have some family here now, and more arriving today, and more arriving tomorrow. I’ll be super busy through the end of Thanksgiving weekend. AND I’M VERY THANKFUL MY … Continued

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Update …

The blog will be down much of the weekend due to maintenance by my provider. But, I wanted to post a brief update because I know many of you are (very kindly) concerned about me after reading today’s earlier post. … Continued

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Don’t Be Devastated??

I got some bad news yesterday. I’ve been told I should *not* feel devastated until more information is gathered. So, I’m pretending to not be upset even though I can feel a black cloud looming overhead. My arm has been … Continued

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More Favorite Things

I’m sharing more of my favorite gift ideas today. •  For the housebound — If you have someone in your life who is confined to bed or their home, consider sending them a cheerful holiday bouquet.  It will brighten their … Continued

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And Then …

I’m crazy busy right now which must mean the holidays are approaching. Yes, I did get quite wet taking this beach sunset photo. I’ve begun working on my next “Favorites” post and it should (hopefully) be up tomorrow. Of course, … Continued

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Monday Musing

Like many people, I have fond memories of Paris. My heart is sad at the thought of the recent terrorism attacks there. There is so much BAD in this world …. sometimes it’s hard to remember the GOOD. Fred snuggles … Continued

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The Blur of a Week

I’m having a crazy week. Crazy in that … I’ve *maybe* gotten six hours of sleep in the last three days. I continue to have some technical problems with my blog. Also, I received a precautionary vaccine in preparation for … Continued

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A Baby Bird And A Giant Dog

Fred seems to be providing stories for me on a daily basis lately. Fred The Newf Yesterday, I returned home in the late morning. Fred gave me a warm welcome and then went outside to drink from his water bucket. … Continued

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The Old Man And A Dog

I’m recovering from a few days of sick time. Nothing serious, of course. Just my annual fall Santa-Ana-Winds induced sinus and respiratory infection. My cough sounds like a deep, enormous, foghorn. I’m feeling VERY ATTRACTIVE. My family doc was kind … Continued

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Things I Like Lately

Over the next few weeks, I plan to have a few “favorite things” posts for you. I’d also love to hear from you, if you have a favorite thing you’d like to share. It’s fun to talk about things we … Continued