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My First Face

On Friday night, while watching a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy, I attempted to draw a “real” face for the first time. Here is the result: My first sketch! I think it took me three TV episodes and four … Continued

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I’m not sure if I’ll be posting again until after the 4th of July. I will if I have a chance, but it’s going to be busy. Once we get past the holiday, I’ll probably share a few of the … Continued

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The Quiet Week …?

This week is so “slow” it almost doesn’t seem real. The world seems to be on vacation this week and next …. I guess everyone is trying to take advantage of the long 4th of July weekend by packing vacation … Continued

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Laguna Beach Sunset

I’ve officially  abused  broken in my new camera. I took it to Laguna Beach late yesterday. I sat, fully dressed, in the surf and took photos of the sunset. It was one of the prettiest sunsets I’ve seen in months. … Continued

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The Very Hot Weekend

I was so happy to have Paul Newman work on me last Friday. I really needed him. I’m seeing him again today because he’s about to take off on a way-too-long vacation. (I need all the help I can get prior … Continued

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Funky Friday

I can’t believe it’s Friday already again. This week FLEW by! The friend who was going to groom Fred on Wednesday ended up cancelling out on me. (After I spent hours waiting for her!) Sigh. Maybe she thought twice about … Continued

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Watering The Lemon Tree

Fred likes to help me water the lemon tree in my backyard. Sorry I didn’t have time to write a “real” post, but I thought this would make you smile. I think it’s especially funny when he goes all crazy-eyed!

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Oh, What A Week!

I’m having quite a week. I was so overbooked yesterday, I couldn’t BREATHE. OK, I could breathe. But, I couldn’t catch my breath. Also? I need Paul Newman. My arm is really pissed off at me. Today, I have one (long) … Continued

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The Weekend In A List

I hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was on the slow side …. Friday: •  PT was cancelled … so my day was less scheduled than normal. •  Fred and I hung out in Corona Del Mar (Newport Beach) … Continued