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It’s FRIDAY and I Have Pink Hair!!

I spent most of my week trying to get caught up from everything I neglected while having my kids in town for a few weeks. I’m *almost* caught up …! My filthy car is now clean and sparkling. Franks’ fur-mats … Continued

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The Latest & Greatest

I’m anxiously waiting for April The Giraffe to have her baby. She might have HAD her baby by the time you read this. I’ve seen a giraffe give birth before and I have to say it’s not a pretty sight. … Continued

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California Poppies!

The hills are alive with … wildflowers! There’s a “super bloom” this year in Southern California due to all the rain we got this winter. Yesterday, my son and I drove across Ortega Highway …. Leaving Orange County and heading … Continued

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Summer in March

It’s been HOT lately. (It hasn’t been quite as hot on the coast, but it’s been VERY hot 90F/ 33C back in the canyon where I live.) A great day for a walk in San Clemente! We’ve gone from months … Continued

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Around Me Now

I thought I’d share a few, unrelated, photos today. Some of these photos were taken with my “real” camera, and some are from my iPhone. When I take “real camera” photos, I use my good arm only¬† . . . … Continued

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March 6, 2017

Hello, hello! My oldest son is home from graduate school in North Carolina for his spring break. Later this week, my youngest son arrives from Texas for his college spring break. And, also later this week, my daughter and her … Continued

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Saving A Hummingbird

Sometimes birds come inside my house. It isn’t something I WANT to have happen. But, I live adjacent to a lot of wildlife – including an Audobon Conservation Site. And, when I’m home, my backdoor usually stays open so Fred … Continued

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This Is America Now?

In case you aren’t aware there’s a man named Alex Jones who runs a conspiracy website called InfoWars. Our current president has often said he respects Alex Jones and watches him regularly. He’s been videotaped saying so – you can … Continued

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Fountain Pen Fun!

Last weekend, I went up to L.A. to spend some time with my daughter. On my way to see her, I stopped at the L.A. Pen Show in Manhattan Beach. A week ago, I didn’t even know such a thing … Continued

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Update, Update!

I’ve been busy lately trying to get my life back in order. I’m seven weeks post-op. All the things I’ve neglected for seven weeks are beginning to implode. I’m trying to tackle one or two neglected things each day. I’m … Continued