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How Hot Is It?

How hot is it? It’s so hot, birds have been drinking from (and bathing in) Fred’s water. AND HE’S LETTING THEM! How hot is it? After running zillions of errands in the heat yesterday, I decided I didn’t want to … Continued

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When The Universe Gets Weird

I’ve felt like my world is a little off kilter lately. I keep thinking, any day now things will get back to “normal” … whatever that is. Yesterday, I was all over Orange County. I ran into a friend I … Continued

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Feeling Discombobulated

I’m a little out of sorts and I’m not sure why. I’ve had a lot of stuff going on in my life. My son left Friday which is always sad. I’m behind on work, and I’m feeling very unmotivated. (I’m … Continued

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Finally Friday!

Woo hoo! It’s Friday. Beautiful sunbeams at sunset in Laguna Beach. The air conditioning company cancelled on me yesterday … And then, reversed themselves and showed up at the end of the day after all. So – yay! (Apparently it … Continued

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Planning a Trip to New Zealand

Lately, I’ve spent a lot of hours researching ideas for my 2016 winter New Zealand trip. (It will be summer in New Zealand, but winter for me!) I’ve wanted to go forever, but I’ve never (mentally) planned out the details, … Continued

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My Misadventure With Fred

We’ve been experiencing a terrible heat wave – which seems to finally have lifted today. Poor Fred hasn’t been able to get out very much. On Saturday evening, I decided I’d take him to the beach for a sunset walk. … Continued

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Egads!! It’s hot as hell here! Too hot to do much of anything. Way too hot for Fred to be outside.  (He has a long, thick, double-coat of fur.) Fred even has his own personal fan which he loves.   You … Continued

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Things I am SO Sick of!!

My tolerance for some things has ended. For instance …. •  I don’t think I can bear to hear one more word about the Kardashians. •  I am SO tired of all the politicians and all their political campaigns – … Continued