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Life With a Newfoundland Puppy

On Sunday night the Santa Ana winds roared through the canyon where I live. They were loud. For those of you who have never experienced nights in a Southern California canyon during the Santa Anas … Well, my east coast … Continued

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January 26, 2015

It was a really good, but busy, weekend. I had a lot of family and friends visiting. I love having my oldest son home for awhile. I made my “world famous” lasagna on Saturday. The bad thing about “my” lasagna? … Continued

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Puppy In The Planter

It can be hard work to be a puppy. All that eating and peeing and pooping … Not to mention growing, and growing, and growing! Sometimes a puppy just needs to catch a  cat  puppy nap wherever he can. Puppy … Continued

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Balls I’m Juggling

There’s always so much to do, And never enough time! I’ve been very unproductive during Fred’s first two weeks home. Every day  he grows like crazy  we get a little more into a routine. I purposely gave myself a few … Continued

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Bulletproof Coffee – The Follow Up

I’ve been having *my* version of bulletproof coffee for nearly a week now. There are several versions of this coffee “concept.” If you missed my original post about this topic, you can read it by clicking here. In “my” version, … Continued

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Training Fred The Newf

Fred is eleven and a half weeks old. Fred had no training before coming home a week and a half ago. Fred has a LOT to learn. Fred has also, already, learned a lot. For instance, Fred is certainly not … Continued

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The Weekend in Snippets

•  Did you watch football yesterday? I did. I want to apologize to all of you with cold weather. I got chilled just watching the games. •  We are getting beautiful winter sunsets here.  People don’t often realize the “best” … Continued

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Monkeying Around With Fred The Newf

Fred had a babysitter for a few hours yesterday. I needed time out of the house to catch up on everything I’ve fallen behind on since Fred arrived. I returned in the afternoon and Fred was ready to play. I … Continued

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Coffee With Butter – Bulletproof?

Have you jumped on the coffee with butter bandwagon? It seems like everyone I know is doing some version of this “diet/energy” plan. I think it’s just another food fad like so many others. And yet …? I’m going to … Continued

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Fred the Newf: Eleven Weeks Old

Fred came home just over a week ago. Today, Fred is an eleven week old Newfoundland puppy. I admit, Fred’s first week was not always easy. Fred needed a lot of love his first week in a new environment. Fred … Continued