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Fall in Southern California

It’s October first and it feels like fall. In Southern California, fall means the air is so dry it almost crackles. (Please pass the hand and body lotion!) The air is so clear you feel like you can touch the … Continued

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Dog Surfing Contest 2014

The Surf City Surf Dog contest in Huntington Beach was last weekend. A few years ago, I shot the event and met a nice man named Colin. Colin has a landseer (black and white) Newfoundland dog named George. Colin has … Continued

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Tomorrow I’ll be posting photos of this year’s dog surfing contest – Surf City Surf Dog. The event was held over the weekend. I had a media pass stating I was one of the “Puparazzi.” I haven’t had time to … Continued

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Granola Recipe

Last weekend, my friends served me delicious homemade granola. I didn’t want to bother them by asking for the recipe. I figured I could come pretty close figuring it out on my own. The great thing about granola is you … Continued

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I Am A Neanderthal

I don’t know how to begin this post other than to inform you I’m a sub-species of human. Wait … let me first tell you I have a big rib cage which I’ve always hated. I passed it on to … Continued

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Because Life is Full of Complications …

One of my siblings was in a bicycle accident last Saturday. She apparently hit a rock while she was riding. I didn’t have phone service in Canada, but I could receive text messages. My brother kept me updated with a … Continued

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How Many Newfoundland Dogs?

How many Newfoundland dogs are too many? I spent the weekend with five adult Newfies and six puppies. Here is mommy dog, Vada, with two of her six puppies: The puppies are five weeks old now. (I keep thinking they’re … Continued

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I had a great visit to Canada. I got home late, late, last night. I’ll have more to share with you tomorrow, but here’s a glimpse of how I spent part of my visit to Canada: There’s nothing like a … Continued