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I told you I didn’t know what to expect from this week. And …? I still don’t. I’ve been VERY busy! On a positive note, I think I’ll be able to complete everything this week. I’m hopeful I won’t be … Continued

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Oh, Texas!

I am, a bit unexpectedly, in Texas again. A project came up a week ago when I was visiting my son. I debated taking it, because it’s too hot in Texas right now for Fred. But, here I am. I … Continued

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My Life(style) In Photos

It’s Friday! And …? Once again, We are expecting “record breaking” heat here. Personally, I’m really tired of hot. I’m very jealous of those of you who get to experience FALL. Here are a few photos of life, lately. First, … Continued

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Randomness …

I’ve got a whole lot of miscellaneous Random for you today (while I’m busy having Paul Newman put my arm back where it belongs.) •  For those of you who asked, I do have a “voice recording” of Fred talking. … Continued

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Texas, Last Weekend

I spent Thursday through Sunday in Texas. It was very hot there. (And super muggy/sticky/humid/gross.) But, the sky is often really pretty in Texas. Texas Sunset It was nice to have some family time with my son. We went to … Continued

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Hello California!

I got home last night. I have to say I find California heat waves way more comfortable than Texas heat waves. Texas stickiness feels like you’re living in hot soup! Anyway, I haven’t even unpacked yet so I’ll have a … Continued

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Society Gone Mad

I’m sure, by now, you’ve all heard about Ahmed Mohamed, a ninth grade student in Texas. Ahmed, wearing a NASA t-shirt, and only 14 years old, was arrested at his school. I try to imagine the fear and humiliation of … Continued

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Life is Weird, And Fred is Big

Life is a roller coaster, and the last few months have been a downward spiral. Isn’t that always the way it goes? Maybe other people experience a more even keel, But, for me, it seems like there are periods of … Continued

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Mr. Mantis

On Friday, a praying mantis (or “stick bug”) was on my garden hose. I didn’t see it. I grabbed the hose to turn it on, and the GIGANTIC BUG walked onto my hand. My heart nearly stopped and I frantically … Continued

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Fred Eating Rain!

Fred isn’t used to rain – due to California’s horrible drought. We had a short summer (monsoon) storm the other day. Fred, being a true water dog, couldn’t wait to play in the rain. He wasn’t quite sure why water … Continued