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Endless Spring Cleaning

I stayed home today. I thought I’d give my body one day of time-off to process my meds, and fight my allergy-created sinus issues. Of course, it’s impossible for me to “do nothing” because I’m  crazy  a little bit Type … Continued

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Tuesday Evening, April 18, 2017

I hope you had a nice Easter weekend if you’re an Easter-Celebrator. I enjoyed having my daughter and her boyfriend in town. We always have all the holidays at my house and I do all the  work  cooking, etc. I … Continued

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Seven Things I Love Lately

I meant to have this up earlier, but better late than never? It’s always fun to share things I’ve been enjoying. I love when people share “finds” with me, and I also love sharing with you. Some of these items … Continued

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Monday, April 10th!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend. I ordered a new mattress this weekend, isn’t that SUPER exciting? It will be delivered today, and I imagine I’ll have sweet dreams tonight? Age of current mattress = 25 years! … Continued

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April 4, 2017

The universe seems to be conspiring against my blogging efforts lately. I’ve been very busy, but I’ve also been getting absolutely nothing done. Seriously! Frank had all sorts of skin problems so he had to get his Newfie fur cut … Continued

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March 29, 2017

I’ve been busy looking at model homes (and more model homes, and then – even MORE model homes). No, I’m not moving. I’m just trying to get ideas for a possible home remodel. My house is old and needs some major … Continued

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It’s FRIDAY and I Have Pink Hair!!

I spent most of my week trying to get caught up from everything I neglected while having my kids in town for a few weeks. I’m *almost* caught up …! My filthy car is now clean and sparkling. Franks’ fur-mats … Continued

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The Latest & Greatest

I’m anxiously waiting for April The Giraffe to have her baby. She might have HAD her baby by the time you read this. I’ve seen a giraffe give birth before and I have to say it’s not a pretty sight. … Continued

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California Poppies!

The hills are alive with … wildflowers! There’s a “super bloom” this year in Southern California due to all the rain we got this winter. Yesterday, my son and I drove across Ortega Highway …. Leaving Orange County and heading … Continued

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Summer in March

It’s been HOT lately. (It hasn’t been quite as hot on the coast, but it’s been VERY hot 90F/ 33C back in the canyon where I live.) A great day for a walk in San Clemente! We’ve gone from months … Continued