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Let’s Talk About Service Dogs

•  Fred has a babysitter today.  It’s too hot for him to be outside all day and I need to be outside most of the day.  I can’t leave him home alone for an entire day.  So, Fred has his … Continued

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Fred The Newf is 21 Weeks Old!

I can’t believe Fred has reached 21 weeks of age! Yesterday, we went for a walk to enjoy the ocean breeze. Fred has become accustom to my ever-present camera, sitting for me while I’m busy shooting, etc. Fred The Newf … Continued

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Six Things I Like Lately

I’ve been home a lot the last couple months. (Having a new puppy does that!) With all my “leisure” time I’ve been looking at *stuff* online much more than usual. It started with my search for a Kentucky Derby dress, … Continued

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March Madness

While the rest of the world concerns itself with basketball, I’m busy with my own version of March Madness. I decided to organize my “life,” but now my house is a mess. I’ve got piles everywhere that I’m “working on.” … Continued

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The Weekend

I had a relaxing weekend – and I needed it! I think Fred enjoyed himself too. Fred cleans out the last of a peanut butter jar. I had a lot of catch-up stuff to take care of over the weekend. … Continued

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Fred’s Latest

I’m sorry, but I haven’t taken a single “real” photo of Fred since last weekend. This week was all sorts of crazy, and I’m glad it’s over. But, I can give you an update on how Fred is doing. Yesterday, … Continued

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The Roller Coaster of Life

Yesterday, in ONE day … I had really GREAT NEWS in the morning, And, later in the day – really BAD NEWS. I was emotionally drained by 5 p.m. [Here’s a random, beautiful, sunset photo of two children playing by … Continued

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Where Did I Go?

I had a one day, unexpected, trip out of town. It was related to a corporate project I’m working on right now. I could, maybe, have crammed in a blog post, but I was feeling a little meh. (Allergies – … Continued

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March Heat Wave

It was hot, hot, hot here over the weekend! I had lots of family at the house for the weekend …. And now, sadly, everyone has left. On Saturday evening, Fred made his first trip to the beach. Fred has … Continued

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Fred Friday

It was very warm here yesterday. Fred The Newf, my son, and I went swimming. It was supposed to be my son and I swimming, But, well …. I couldn’t help it Mom! I have more family arriving today. Temperatures … Continued