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Secret Garden – Coloring Book

It rained here, by my mountain, for three days last week. I realize most of Orange County did not experience the same amount of rain I did. I live in a small mountain micro-climate. Along with my many other creative … Continued

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Promise me you won’t laugh at my doodles? After yesterday’s post, I decided to see if I could draw ANYTHING.   And yes, I probably should have made my first attempt with a pencil instead of a pen. Stop laughing! … Continued

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I Wish I Was Good At …

I think of myself as a “generalist.” I’m okay at doing a lot of different things. I’m not great at doing many things. There are so many talented people in this world. Are you one of them? There are so … Continued

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In Search of The Perfect Handbag

I’m searching for The Perfect Handbag. I know (almost) exactly what I want. I can’t find it. I wish I could design my own bag. Except …? I don’t know how to sew or work with leather. I want a … Continued

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Seven Random Thoughts

•  The Kentucky Derby is quickly approaching.  I need to get my act together?  I wish I liked bourbon.  I really, really, do not like bourbon.  How am I going to get through a trip to Kentucky when I don’t … Continued

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Fred’s Weekend

My weekend was centered around Fred’s weekend. Fred spent Saturday training. Fred didn’t have the best behavior last week. Fred The Newf looking handsome at 24+ weeks. Last week, Fred experimented with ignoring me. He pretended to be deaf to … Continued

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Midori Passport Notebook

Warning:  Lots and lots of photos in this post! In my quest to be more organized, I began looking for a small notebook to carry with me everywhere. I decided to try out the Midori Passport Size Traveler’s Notebook. I … Continued

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Feeling Crafty

I’ve had the craziest week. Crazy! On top of the craziness, I decided to work on a craft project in my spare time. I have no spare time. Oh, and also, my arm is currently not connected to my body. … Continued

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Fred Update – 24 Weeks Old

Several of you have asked for a Fred photo. Here’s a quick iPhone photo of Fred The Newf looking very Goofie-Newfie yesterday: Fred The Newf  —  24 Weeks Old Fred loves his stuffed roadrunner.  He carries it around with him … Continued

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Texas, Then Home

I had a nice, but busy, few days in Texas. I shot a lot of portraits. I explored some architecture. I visited my college-aged son and spoiled him with some nice meals out. I walked a lot. I attended the … Continued