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My sons have returned safely from a “boys trip” to Europe. My youngest is here visiting for a few days, but my oldest son had to return directly to work. I thought I’d share some random photos from my week … Continued

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Altered Book – Art Journal?

As most of you know, I began playing with art about a year ago. It’s been a creative outlet for me during the time periods my arm hasn’t allowed me to hold my camera. I began playing with mixed media … Continued

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The Gas Leak

I was “home alone” from last Friday through today, Monday morning. Normally, this would not be worth mentioning. This, however, was the first time since my recent back-to-back surgeries I’ve had to do “everything” on my own for an extended … Continued

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Reality: Inch by Inch

I’m trying to get back to real life. I spent almost all of yesterday doing errands. (I even went to the dentist – I have very CLEAN teeth!) My “to do” list is miles long since I’ve been out of … Continued

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Sad, Pathetic, Haters

Leading a public life means attracting trolls/haters. Sometimes, they make me laugh. Here’s a comment I received this morning¬†on my Update post which was written over a week ago – right after my elbow surgery. ¬†The troll/hater ignored the subsequent … Continued

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May 16, 2016

Gray May has hit Southern California and I hate it. If you live here, you know what Gray May is. If you don’t, it’s a “season” in Southern California when the coastal fog is thick and hangs around nearly all … Continued

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More Newfoundland Puppy Photos!

I’m immersed in puppy life right now. Fred and Frank are getting along fabulously! Frank is NOT housetrained … so, that’s lots of fun. But, he is adorable and very, very, clever! Yes, I do hope to train Frank on … Continued

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Frank The Newf!

Frank The Newf (12 week old Newfoundland puppy) came home yesterday. I’ve been so busy doing brand new puppy stuff, I haven’t had much photo time, but …. Here’s an iPhone photo of Frank on the car ride home from … Continued

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I apologize for my absence. To be honest, the repair of the big-ass tendon tear in my elbow has turned out to be much more of an ordeal than I expected. I’ve had to readjust my expectations quite a bit … Continued

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Next Week …

I’m going to take a few days to recover. I expect to be back at the beginning of next week ….