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Travel …

I’m somewhere … over the South Pacific, and/or in New Zealand. If time allows, I’ll upload a post and/or photos now and again while I’m traveling. If not, you’ll be able to keep track of me via social media. (Facebook … Continued

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My Camera Bag

Let’s be honest, I own forty bazillion camera bags. Different situations call for different bags. I had a difficult time deciding what bag I’d be shooting out of while I’m in New Zealand. In the end, I knew I didn’t … Continued

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Packing Tips, Part II

Last week, I shared with you some general tips to take into consideration prior to traveling. If you missed it, you can see that post by clicking here. Today, I thought I’d share a few general packing tips. After all, … Continued

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Packing And Pre-Travel Tips: Part I

My trip to New Zealand will be here soon. My head is spinning with all the details of the trip. I’ve traveled a lot in my lifetime, so I thought I’d share a few pre-travel and packing tips with you. … Continued

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What I’m Thinking About Lately

I’m SO busy right now. There’s a lot I need to do before I begin traveling. And … There’s even more I need to do prior to surgery. I know I’ll never get it *all* done, but that doesn’t stop … Continued

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Fred Update, And ….

Fred got his hair cut about a week ago. Fred The Newf  —  Groomed My daughter accused me of “cutting his ears off,” but this is what Newf ears are SUPPOSED to look like. Fred didn’t seem to mind being … Continued

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Happy Friday!

I’m really looking forward to the weekend. Idle Hands  –  taken while hiking yesterday I’ve had a day or two to digest the, “I’m going to have another surgery,” concept. I think, now that I’ve made my decision, I’ll try … Continued

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Feeling Terrified

Yesterday, after weeks of procrastinating, I booked Surgery #10. I am terrified. And, trust me, I don’t use the word “terrified” lightly. (Thank you to my forever-friend, Joanne, for explaining to me I’m experiencing something similar to a PTSD reaction … Continued

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Blonde Moments

Yesterday, was a holiday here in the United States. January in Orange County – Railroad Tracks along beach I knew it … And, forgot it, all at the same time. I’m expecting a package from overseas and it requires a … Continued

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Fred Is Sad

Fred is in dire need of grooming. I’ve been doing my best to brush his long fur each night. But, I admit, it’s not easy to brush him for any length of time with my left hand. (And, I absolutely … Continued