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January 17, 2017

Sorry I’ve been MIA … I’ve been having some technical problems with my blog, but I think/hope I finally figured out how to fix it. I’m definitely not good with computer coding. Today marks three weeks since Surgery #12 and … Continued

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December 14, 2016

Hello, hello! I’m completely failing at year-end blogging. I apologize, but with family visiting, the holiday rush, etc., I keep finding myself a few hours short each day. Beautiful Maui, Hawaii sunset. I stopped in today primarily just to let … Continued

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Let Me Tell You About …

I got a great report from my surgeon on Monday. He’s THRILLED with the progress my arm is making. It made me so happy! I gave him a HUGE hug. I can tell he’s so proud of his work, very … Continued

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Sad, Pathetic, Haters

Leading a public life means attracting trolls/haters. Sometimes, they make me laugh. Here’s a comment I received this morning¬†on my Update post which was written over a week ago – right after my elbow surgery. ¬†The troll/hater ignored the subsequent … Continued

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The Blur of a Week

I’m having a crazy week. Crazy in that … I’ve *maybe* gotten six hours of sleep in the last three days. I continue to have some technical problems with my blog. Also, I received a precautionary vaccine in preparation for … Continued

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Art Journal and Vlogs?

I began an art journal yesterday. Not a sketchbook … since I really can’t draw. (Although, I’m still attempting to “do” one small sketch each day.) But, a real live art journal. I don’t even know who I am anymore! … Continued

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The Saga of My Life

A few days ago, someone told me I live a very exciting life. HA! Here I am in Texas with a very sick college-aged kid. Yesterday, it was as gray as gray could be all day. There were flash flood … Continued

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I’m Thinking of You, Technically

I’m not sure how much I’ll be “here” this week. I purchased a new computer a day or two prior to Thanksgiving. My attempt at migrating data was partially successful. The part that wasn’t successful was met with error messages. … Continued

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Trolls and Assumptions

Yesterday’s post received a “negative” comment. In Internet language we call it a comment from a “troll.” A troll is someone who hides behind anonymity to make nasty comments. I don’t get a lot of troll comments, but I get … Continued

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Down For The Count

I’m having technical problems. Very, very, frustrating technical problems. I hope to be back on Monday …? In the meantime, I hope you have a very nice weekend.