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Saying Good-Bye

Sunday marks eleven years (11 YEARS!!!) since my car accident. The anniversary always makes me evaluate, and re-evaluate, my life. Where am I now? Where was my life eleven years ago before the accident? Where was I (and my how … Continued

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July 20, 2017

I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know a few things I forgot to mention in my last post. 1. ┬áDean Davidson has been kind enough to offer a 20% discount code to my friends. I’ve mentioned … Continued

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Random Babbling

I’m waiting for an electrician to show up. This is the summer of costly home repairs? I thought I’d Random Ramble to you while I’m waiting. Here goes …. First, I’m so tired of everyone wearing “cold shoulder” shirts. This … Continued

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The Summer of Heat

My air conditioning is broken again/still/forever. A repairman is working on it (yet again) today. It has NOT worked more than it has worked this summer. It’s a fairly new unit, and supposedly a very good quality unit, so why … Continued

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Is This It?

July 30th will mark eleven years (and 12 surgeries) since my car accident. I’ve been struggling much more than usual with my upcoming “bad” anniversary. A year and a half, and three surgeries ago, I had resigned myself to living … Continued

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Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July! I’m up the coast for a few days – celebrating my wedding anniversary. I’m sure I’ll post some photos on Spotify and/or Instagram and/or Facebook. Getting married on the 4th of July was not, perhaps, the … Continued

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Real Life …

In case you’re wondering what my week’s been like …. My kitchen came with a double oven unit. It hasn’t been working well for ages. The temperature goes UP and comes DOWN at random intervals leaving the user with no … Continued

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This, That, And The Other Thing

Happy summer! It’s been VERY hot here in Southern California. I’ve been trying to hide from the sweltering (!) heat when I can … I wanted to update you on all sorts of random stuff today. It looks like I’ll … Continued

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Thursday, June 22nd 2017

I’m back from Texas. Man, oh man, was it HOT in Texas! I had a great visit with my youngest son while I was there. I really missed my animal friends though. Fred’s giant paw rests on my foot. ┬áThis … Continued

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Yay! is for YOGA!

Yay! I finally found someone willing to give me a private (modified for my arm) yoga lesson. Yoga! I really enjoyed it. Also …? My arm is really sore, but that’s okay. My instructor did a lot of pre-work (homework?) … Continued