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10 Facts For My 24th Birthday

Happy 24th birthday to me! In honor of my (bazillionth) 24th birthday, I thought I’d share ten things you might not know about me.  I have a “Twenty Four at Heart” tattoo above my left ankle. I have 24 AT … Continued

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September 29, 2016

I don’t know where this year has gone, but I’ll be SO glad to see it go. Ha! •  On a positive note, my husband has signed a contract to begin working full time again. (Hallelujah!!!!) He’s been doing part-time … Continued

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Bits and Pieces

I went out of town for a wedding last weekend. It was a really beautiful wedding and I had a fun time seeing old friends. It was really nice to have a weekend away. (And yes, I did cry.  I … Continued

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Starting Over

I feel like it’s time to start over in just about every aspect of my life. We all have to re-balance our lives now and again, but my entire life needs a reset. I’ve been thinking about this a lot … Continued

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Mid-Week Update

Hello, hello!! I’ve been a little scarce due to general chaos at my house. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m in the process of having my backyard swimming pool rebuilt. It began as a project to re-plaster (Pebble Tec) the cracked … Continued

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Sexual Watermelons??

Yesterday, I attempted to lift a watermelon with one arm while shopping at Costco. It didn’t happen, and I admit to spending way too much time fondling the watermelons trying to accomplish this task. (Eventually I used TWO arms … … Continued

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Fabulous Friday!

I didn’t think I’d have time to get a post in before the 4th, but here I am! It’s been a crazy week – I’ve driven a LOT of miles this week! I’m feeling super motivated regarding my Get My Shit … Continued

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The Old Man And A Dog

I’m recovering from a few days of sick time. Nothing serious, of course. Just my annual fall Santa-Ana-Winds induced sinus and respiratory infection. My cough sounds like a deep, enormous, foghorn. I’m feeling VERY ATTRACTIVE. My family doc was kind … Continued

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy birthday to me! I’m 24 again today! It’s always so nice to turn 24. (Except this year, I noticed 24 is NOT looking at all like 24 used to look.) Fred was spoiled all day last Friday – his … Continued

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Car Repairs And Smelling Good

My car has been yelling at me for WEEKS. I love technology, but having a car nag at you for service every single time you get into it is stressful. I’ve found myself talking back to my car, “I know … Continued