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Update, Update!

I’ve been busy lately trying to get my life back in order. I’m seven weeks post-op. All the things I’ve neglected for seven weeks are beginning to implode. I’m trying to tackle one or two neglected things each day. I’m … Continued

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Rings on My Fingers ….

I’m FAILING at blogging lately – so sorry! I wanted to tell you about some fun┬áhandmade rings I recently purchased. The larger solitary ring (seen below) is a silver moon ring. There are all sorts of myths surrounding the moon. … Continued

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Random: February 3rd 2017

I spent nine hours on art lessons yesterday and my brain was a blur by the time I finished. I think I overcommitted when I signed up for several classes in an attempt to “keep busy” post-surgery. Two days ago … Continued

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sorry, this is going up so late. I’ve had an unusual week. I’ve been “home alone” … completely alone (without Fred and Frank!) all week. You’d think I’d have MORE time for blogging, but instead I’ve used the time to … Continued

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January 19, 2017

As you’re reading this, I’m hunkered down in what is expected to be a gigantic storm. I realize a “gigantic storm” in Southern California is probably not *that big* of a storm for most parts of the world. But, we … Continued

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January 17, 2017

Sorry I’ve been MIA … I’ve been having some technical problems with my blog, but I think/hope I finally figured out how to fix it. I’m definitely not good with computer coding. Today marks three weeks since Surgery #12 and … Continued

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January 9th 2017

I’m in L.A. today for my post-op visit. I’m looking forward to getting my stitches out and finding out from my surgeon what I’m allowed to do (or not do?) in upcoming weeks. My arm still hurts quite a bit. … Continued

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Hello 2017!

Hello, hello! I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. Most of my family and guests departed yesterday. I’m one week out from Surgery #12. I’m so glad I got the surgery over with in 2016, because it just feels … Continued

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December 14, 2016

Hello, hello! I’m completely failing at year-end blogging. I apologize, but with family visiting, the holiday rush, etc., I keep finding myself a few hours short each day. Beautiful Maui, Hawaii sunset. I stopped in today primarily just to let … Continued

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December 9, 2016

There are, approximately, two more weeks until Christmas. My family begins arriving at the beginning of next week. (!!!) I’ve been running around like a mad woman trying to get as much done as possible before I have extra bodies … Continued