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Warning: Sporadic Posting Ahead

Happy Friday! I will be traveling to three different states over the next 10 days. Based on my schedule, I *think* I will have time to post on many of those days. I definitely won’t be posting every day. Yesterday, … Continued

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The Oregon Coast

When I was a child, my family vacationed in Oregon for a couple weeks most summers. One of my dad’s best friends had moved to Oregon after college. He owned a lot of acreage with rivers, and streams, and forests, … Continued

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It’s Like A Heat Wave!

We’re experiencing an April heat wave – Temps are expected to be in the mid to high 90’s for the rest of the week. That means it will probably hit 100F in my little canyon. (It’s always hotter here than … Continued

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But, But, But …!

I had my cooking/cleaning/entertaining timeline worked out “perfectly” so Thanksgiving (and lots of house guests!) would be relatively easy. Yesterday? My carefully planned schedule exploded due to Unexpected Timeline Interruptus. But, that’s okay. Family and friends arrive this afternoon. I’m … Continued

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24 Things I’ve Learned at 24

My daughter is guest posting today!! I’m so excited to have her as a visiting writer. (Especially since she’s a professional in the literary world!) This is the second of a two part series. Last week, I wrote Part I … Continued

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Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! I managed to hold off real life for a few weeks post-surgery, but I’m crazy busy again. (Can someone please clean and pack all my gear for me?  Also – clothes.  I might need some clothes … Continued

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Long Lost Friends – Found Again!

I have a fairly public life. It’s hard to hide when you work on (via?) the Internet. There are good, and bad, things about being “out there” publicly. For instance, I think every guy I’ve ever dated probably knows at … Continued

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Remember When I Was in Oregon?

Not long ago, I visited my parents.  They live in AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon. I’ve been thinking about that trip recently. Why? Because it was COOL in Oregon and it’s hotter than hell in Orange County right now. I’ve turned into a … Continued

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Follow-Up Friday

I’m back in Orange County. I’m having a hard time believing June is almost over.  How is that even possible already? •  I cried when I left Oregon/my parents, but I’m also glad to be back home. •  The Neanderthal … Continued