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And Now, Life Moves On

Whew! My family has certainly had a lot going on over the last couple months. I want to follow through on a few things from previous posts. As it turns out, the “allergic reaction” I feared my son was having … Continued

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Life Isn’t Fair, And Other Revelations

Briefcase is named Briefcase because he is always carrying a briefcase. He travels for work frequently. For him, traveling means grabbing some cash out of my wallet, throwing a suit or two in his always-ready-to-go bag, and leaving. That’s it. … Continued

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When Weekend Plans Fall Apart

My weekend began last Friday afternoon when I came down with a killer sore throat and fever. By Saturday, I added lots of snot to my Sexy Factor. Amazingly, I’m perfectly fine now. (Except I feel like a gigantic marshmallow … Continued

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Glimpses of Me

Oops – if  you’re a subscribed reader, you might have received a partial feed of this post yesterday. Why? Because I had a technical problem called – human error on my part. My apologies! ——————- Have I shown you the … Continued

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More From Balboa Island, Newport Beach

New PT is located in Newport Beach. He and I have been spending a lot of time together lately. (It looks like we’ll be spending a lot more time together in the future, also.  We discuss things like my wild-crazy … Continued

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More Pre-Vacation ADD

It got “down” to 98 degrees yesterday. I was overjoyed and took advantage of the cooler temperature by running a zillion errands. (It’s so much more pleasant getting in and out of a hot, black, car when it’s 98 instead … Continued

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When Olympic Fever Hits Home

It’s that time again. Kids all over the world are star-struck and motivated to become Olympic athletes. Adults are staying up past their normal adult bedtimes to cheer on their country’s archers and table tennis players. I’ll admit, the Olympic … Continued

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The Day to Day STUFF!

In case you missed it, my Photography Page/Blog/Feed is now up and running.  You can subscribe to it here. I’m hoping all the bugs are worked out with that feed – please let me know if you see something funky … Continued

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So I Walked Into A Bar And …

I apologize in advance – I’m going to be putting this info out every day this week – There was an error made by GiggaSavvy on my new Photography Feed.  If you subscribed to it during the first few days … Continued

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Follow-Up Friday

Sorry for the craziness this week. It’s very stressful for a blogger to have a broken blog. If you are a subscriber to Twenty Four At Heart, you may not be receiving my posts.  I hope you’ll stop by and … Continued