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Sexual Watermelons??

Yesterday, I attempted to lift a watermelon with one arm while shopping at Costco. It didn’t happen, and I admit to spending way too much time fondling the watermelons trying to accomplish this task. (Eventually I used TWO arms … … Continued

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Glimpses of Me

Oops – if  you’re a subscribed reader, you might have received a partial feed of this post yesterday. Why? Because I had a technical problem called – human error on my part. My apologies! ——————- Have I shown you the … Continued

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Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum, Me And My Drum(mer)

*A few identifying details have been changed in today’s post. * Once upon a time, in a beach town not-so-far-away, I dated a drummer. Photo:  Santa Barbara pier Mr. Drummer was tall-ish, dark-ish, and apparently I found him handsome. (Of … Continued

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The Original Heartbreak

When they broke-up, she knew it was a forever break-up. It felt like someone had stabbed her heart, repeatedly, with a knife. The anguish was so great, she had to concentrate on just getting through each day. She learned, in … Continued

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I Was Propositioned

In case you missed it:  Last week I announced I’m planning a road trip to come visit you!  Do you want to meet me?  Click here for details. I had a funny thing happen …. One day, I was down at … Continued

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Man Cold

My weekend was pretty … meh. Briefcase has a Man Cold and most of you know how that goes. Is there anyone in the world who hasn't seen this hysterical video?   Man Cold video. I'm hoping I don't catch … Continued

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Rejection and Disappointment

Everyone experiences negative stuff, it's part of living. The scent of rejection, and the disappointment it brings, may lighten in time – but it pervades and shapes our lives in definitive ways. One of my girl friends and I were talking … Continued