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Shots Fired at Fashion Island

Yesterday afternoon, a man began shooting a gun at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Initial reports say more than 50 shots were fired. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with Orange County, Fashion Island is an upscale mall.  I … Continued

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Google + Adds Communities

I apologize for writing back-to-back posts on the topic of social media. Big things are going on in the social media world this week. Yesterday, I wrote about New Myspace. (By the way, New Myspace is rapidly making improvements, which … Continued

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The New Myspace!

Maybe you’ve heard there’s now a new version of an old social networking service? The “old” Myspace has been (or should I say it’s BEING?) replaced by the New Myspace. The New Myspace is called … New Myspace! Isn’t that … Continued

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My (so far) Favorite Apps

Not all of you have the same phone I do, but don't go running away quite yet. A lot of the same apps I'm learning to love on my iPhone are available, or will be soon, on other phones too. … Continued

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It's difficult to comprehend everything that has happened, and is happening, in Japan.  I've been in several large earthquakes, but I can't even imagine experiencing a quake with an 8.9 magnitude.   Years ago, I was driving near the epicenter … Continued

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Health Care Gone Terribly Wrong

I wanted to be clear-headed to write this post.  I wanted it to be perfect because it is, I think, the most important post I've ever written. Instead, I'm a little foggy brained because my pain level is through the … Continued

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The 21st Miner

I assume most of you have watched, along with the rest of the world, as the thirty three trapped Chilean miners were rescued from 2,300 feet beneath the ground. Before The Haters jump in and start telling me I'm a … Continued

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A Must See!

**  I want to thank you for entering the contest to suggest a name for my new website to help disabled and/or challenged photographers.  I had a hard time narrowing down the name choices because there were so many great … Continued

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September 11th

  I have not forgotten the many people who lost their lives on September 11th.  © Twenty Four At Heart