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Sexual Watermelons??

Yesterday, I attempted to lift a watermelon with one arm while shopping at Costco. It didn’t happen, and I admit to spending way too much time fondling the watermelons trying to accomplish this task. (Eventually I used TWO arms … … Continued

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Tales From an Orange County Gym

Well, you knew it was coming – Tales from my new physical therapy facility …! As background, I should explain, I’m actually going to an Orange County gym for my physical therapy appointments. The Neanderthal rents space from a gym – … Continued

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Rejection and Disappointment

Everyone experiences negative stuff, it's part of living. The scent of rejection, and the disappointment it brings, may lighten in time – but it pervades and shapes our lives in definitive ways. One of my girl friends and I were talking … Continued

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Romeo, Oh Romeo!

*  Oh look!  It's another repeat post.  I must be having a nice vacation.  I'll be seeing the "real" Romeo in the next few weeks so it seemed appropriate to share this post.  Enjoy!  * I've fallen in love.   … Continued

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The Incident At The Spa

Last Sunday, I spent most of the day at a local spa. As I've mentioned before, I have my bum arm worked on by a masseuse now and then.  (Except, even though I always say it's my arm that's screwed up … Continued

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An Early Valentine’s Celebration

Last night, I spent the night here: It's the Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach. Briefcase booked a night here as an early Valentine's celebration. I'll have more (but not all) of the details for you soon. © Twenty Four At … Continued

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Whoa! I’m 24 AGAIN!

Yay! Happy 24th birthday to me once again! I'm, hopefully, at a spa getting wrapped up in eucalyptus leaves and rubbed with warm oil while you're reading this.  (Or am I doing laundry?  Take your pick!) I had all these … Continued

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The 21st Miner

I assume most of you have watched, along with the rest of the world, as the thirty three trapped Chilean miners were rescued from 2,300 feet beneath the ground. Before The Haters jump in and start telling me I'm a … Continued

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The Big Nipple Debate

I readily admit, I was a little stressed during the two days preceding my surgery last week.  My mind was racing.  I had very little notice regarding the timing of the surgery.  I had a lot to do and a … Continued

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Romeo, Oh Romeo!

I've fallen in love.   Well, maybe it isn't really love – but who cares? And before I tell you this story, I want you to know I can be a cougar in my own mind if I want to. … Continued