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The Wedge

The Wedge, in Newport Beach, is a famous surfing spot.

I've mentioned it before.

I think this photo (taken when the surf was calm) is so pretty.

The people you see at the far end of the rocks were fishing.

© Twenty Four At Heart

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Photography Friday: Camera Bags

* This is an unsponsored post. *

A reader recently asked me what camera bag I prefer.

It sounds like such an easy question to answer, but it's not.

The camera bag I take with me for travel is almost always the Lowepro Fastpack 350.  I bought it a year (or two?) ago thinking a backpack would be easier on my bum arm than a traditional camera case.


It holds a lot which is what I wanted in a travel camera bag. 

I can take it on a plane as carry-on luggage and it fits under the seat easily.  It holds my laptop too, which makes it ideal for traveling on a plane.  (The laptop compartment fits up to a 17" computer and, like the rest of the backpack, is well padded.)  

Having my Lowepro backpack with me allows me to keep my "valuables" right with me on the plane.

I'm not going to lie, whenever I can, I have someone carry it for me because it gets heavy when it's fully loaded with camera gear and a laptop.  (But, remember, I really only have one working arm.)

I also like the side entry.  When I'm wearing it, I can quickly access my camera.

I use this backpack more than any other bag when I'm home too.

I take it to the beach with me on a regular basis, etc.

In fact, I have abused (and used) my Lowepro backpack A LOT and it's still in great condition.

What is the biggest negative to the Lowepro Fastpack 350?  Well, it's BIG.  So yes, the very feature I love about it (lots of room), is also a negative at times. 

I also have a small Tamrac camera backpack.  I sometimes use it around town when I want a smaller sized backpack, but to be honest it doesn't compare to my Lowepro.  (I bought the Tamrac first, realized I needed something bigger, and then discovered/purchased the Lowepro backpack a few months later.)

But okay, if you're a female you might be wondering about all the CUTE camera bags.

There are a lot of companies making very attractive "purses" which are designed to hold/hide a camera and perhaps a lens or two inside.  Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Well, for some occasions – they are.

I have an Epiphanie bag.  I've had it for well over a year now, but I've only used it maybe three times.  It's cute, it's well made … there's absolutely nothing wrong (and a lot RIGHT) about it.

It's certainly more attractive to carry than my Lowepro backpack.


I always seem to need more room.

Most people would probably be fine with its size, but I tend to want more lenses and photography stuff with me than my Epiphanie bag will hold.  

Of course, what works best for you might be completely different than what works best for me.  Regardless, I hope today's post helps you in your journey to find the perfect camera bag for you.

© Twenty Four At Heart 

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I’ll Be Thinking of You While I’m Gone

I'm going to be traveling a lot for the next few weeks.

I've pre-written some posts for you, and they've been set up to automatically publish when scheduled.  (In fact, I've got the next two Fridays all set with Photography Fridays covering the topics of camera bags one Friday, and how much I touch up photos in the next.)

I've also sneaked in a couple of my old, but favorite, posts.  I thought my newer readers might not have read some of them.  (You don't mind a good repeat now and then do you?)

I'll also keep in touch when/if I can with a few posts from my travels.

My goal is to have a post up every day for you, but if I miss a day you'll know not to worry.

As always, the weekends will just be photo posts.

First stop?


And yes, I will be taking my camera!


© Twenty Four At Heart

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An Announcement …

I'm very pleased, and excited, to make an announcement today.

Twenty Four At Heart is now "officially" a company, not just a haphazard combined blog and photography business.

This news doesn't change anything for you, my readers.

It does, however, help me on several fronts from a business standpoint.

It's just amazing to me, nearly five years post car accident, to see where I am now.

Needless to say,

I wish with all my heart the car accident and my resulting disability/chronic pain could be erased from the equation, but they can't be.

There's no question, I began writing here as a result of the accident.

Twenty Four At Heart, L.L.C. (the actual name of the business) has been an enormous positive born out of many, horrific, negatives.

When I first began blogging, I couldn't have imagined being where I am now just three years later.

Life is many things, but it's so rarely what we expect.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude.

Thank you so much for your support.

And now …

I think I'm going to go celebrate!



© Twenty Four At Heart

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Why My Head is Ready to Explode …

* Due to excessive spam comments, I've temporarily activated comment moderation.  You can still leave a comment for me, it will just take a little longer to be visible. *

I'm feeling a little (!!) stressed.

I was staring at my blank laptop screen, trying to come up with something entertaining to share with you today.  

Instead items from my "to-do" list keep running through my brain at an alarming rate.

The good news?

Yesterday afternoon and evening was taken up by the LAST high school summer league baseball game.

Don't get me wrong, I love baseball and I love watching my son play.

But, it has been nonstop games since last fall.  We get a month (or so) off now.  I'm overjoyed.  (I think I just gained an extra 15+ hours in each week … not that I'm counting or anything.) 

My daughter flies home from the east coast in a couple days.  I'm very excited to see her, but I'm also trying to get a lot done prior to her arrival.

Add in a hefty dose of pain from my bionic arm, some legal-stuff which needs attending to RIGHT NOW, a vacation on the horizon, and the world's largest blogging conference just two and a half weeks away ….

Well, I've got a lot on my plate at the moment.

I hope you'll hang in there with me even if my posts get a little half-assed as I'm dealing with it all.

I've got some really good stuff to share with you over the next few weeks …

© Twenty Four At Heart

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Just Another Weekend in the OC

So …

I was at the beach yesterday.

I know you find it shocking to hear I would go to the beach (again).

If it makes you feel any better, I didn't go until the Women's World Cup game ended.  (And wow – what an ending!)

I didn't take many photos because the light was harsh during most of my time there.  (Harsh light makes for bad photos – see above!)

The water was really warm, which was nice.

But …?

There was a lot of seaweed floating around.

Sometimes that happens for a day or two.

I gave up on the idea of taking photos and went for a long, long, walk instead.

I ended up finding a much nicer (less seaweed-filled) spot.

I might have gone for a swim.

And then I sat, wet – and without a towel, on the sand.

After awhile, I remembered the forty bazillion (!!!) things I have to get done in the next few days and decided it was time to leave.

I walked back to where Briefcase sat, reading, on the beach.

We walked to the parking lot.

When I sat in Briefcase's car, a ton of sand might have immediately fallen off of me.

Hypothetically, his-wife-always-getting-sand-in-his-car might be a pet peeve of my husband's.  It's also something he's realized comes with the territory of being married to me.

Then we came home.

The end.

© Twenty Four At Heart

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The Pier

I took this photo of the San Clemente pier while out walking with my friend, Nike.

© Twenty Four At Heart

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Kitchen Candle

I frequently have a candle burning in my kitchen.

During the fall and winter months, the scent is often cinnamon, vanilla or something else that makes me feel warm and homey.

When the weather is hot, I prefer fresh citrus scents.

I picked up this "Citron Basil" candle at Anthropologie a week or two ago.

I love the scent and the vintage-looking "soup can" holder is adorable.

© Twenty Four At Heart

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Rainier Cherries

Rainier cherries are, perhaps, one of the most delicious things of summer.

And I'm not (normally) in love with cherries.


I don't know if they're available outside the west coast?

They're both red and yellow swirled together, with crisp yellow flesh when you bite into them.

Rainier cherries are grown in the state of Washington.  

They have a very short season of availability, so I'm quick to buy them when I see them.

Our recent house guests had never experienced Rainier cherries before.  They couldn't get enough of them.  (Seriously, I was buying more on a daily basis!)

Each round cherry is filled with delectable juicy, sweet, goodness.

© Twenty Four At Heart

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I’m Sure You’ve Heard The One About …

* Information for today's post was gathered from The Orange County Register and assorted other news sources. *

I put a link to a recent Orange County news article out on Twitter and Facebook last Tuesday.

Normally, I'd leave it at that but I'm having a difficult time shaking this one out of my brain.

One of this week's OC Register headline states, Wife slices off man's penis, police say.

I guess they have to add the "police say" because the woman allegedly sliced off her husband's penis.

(Who knows?  Maybe he drugged himself, tied himself to the bed, and then sliced it off with a knife all by himself?)

The wife, Catherine, told police her husband, "deserved it."

Of course he did Catherine.

Catherine and her husband have been married for less than two years.  He had filed for divorce in May, not long after their first anniversary, due to "irreconcilable differences."

In retrospect, that seems to simplify the situation a bit.

The story gets worse.

Catherine, allegedly, drugged her husband's food so he would fall asleep.

Next, she tied him to the bed.


Then …

She waited for him to WAKE UP.

I guess she wanted him to see her cut off his dick with a ten inch kitchen knife.

Just when you think the story can't get any worse …

Catherine decided to put her husband's penis in the garbage disposal and turn it on.

(He must have really been a lousy lover, don't ya think?  I mean, she had clearly decided there was absolutely no future use for it no matter how many roses he bought!)

(Also, garbage disposals are very expensive to replace.  Who would ever want to use that one again?  Cutting off a man's penis and then putting it into the garbage disposal is a very expensive proposition.)

Awhile later, Catherine called the police to tell them there was a medical emergency at her home.  

Sheesh Catherine!

She must be Queen of the Understatement.

Catherine was polite enough to greet the police at the door.  Her husband was still tied to the bed and "bleeding profusely from his groin."

The police filtered through the sink/garbage disposal for penis-parts, and apparently found some.  They gathered together what they could and then took the bits/pieces and Catherine's husband to the hospital for surgery.

In a follow-up story yesterday, the husband was asked for an interview but refused to discuss the situation saying, "This is a private matter."


Dude, the entire world knows about it.

It is, most definitely, NOT a private matter.

After surgery, the hospital reported the victim's condition as "good."

I somehow doubt that …..

© Twenty Four At Heart