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Last Post Written in Oregon (For Now)

The area here is diverse.

And by diverse, I mean there are forests, fields, mountains, trees, trees, and more trees –

And the coast is not far away.

I thought I’d share a little bit more of my surroundings today.

(You know, with the five minutes of Internet time I have.)

Photo of a wheat field in Oregon

The above photo is a wheat field.

Along with forests and lots and lots of TREES, there are also wheat and rye fields here.

They’re beautiful.

Also …?

They make my eyes itch terribly.

All the rain they get here has to go somewhere, right?

Photo of Williamette river

There are rivers, creeks, streams, ponds, waterfalls, etc., etc.

The above photo was taken in Eugene, Oregon.  It’s a photo of the Williamette River.  (Pronounced wuh-lamb-it.)

I’m about an hour west of Eugene.

Eugene is a real city.  With cell phones and Internet access and modern conveniences.

(Although, it isn’t nearly as big as Portland.)

Did I mention the sheep I’m surrounded by?

The cows?

The goats?

The chickens?

Most of all, there are forests filled to the brim with fir trees.

I have so much more to share – but my online time for today is up!

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Oregon – Nowhere Land

I’m still in AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon.

The weather was better yesterday –

Which means it rained off and on instead of ON all day long.

I helped my mom pick zillions of ripe strawberries from her garden.

I roamed through my parent’s orchard.

I picked (and ate) a few cherries off a wild cherry tree.

I chased a group of five turkeys and yelled, “Cluck, cluck!” while running after them.

(They answered gobble!  gobble!)

I went out and took a few photos too.

I know, for many of you, it’s hard to believe there are still places as remote as AbsolutelyNowhere.

TRUST ME – they exist!

The use of a cell phone and the gigantic hoops I have to jump through to access the Internet are proof –

It’s exhausting.

How did people get by in past centuries?

Above is a photo of a neighbor’s barn as seen just before (more) rain.

I use the term “neighbor” loosely because there is really no such thing here.

Here’s another site I’d never see in Orange County:

Abandoned Buick in empty field

People don’t leave old Buicks in large empty fields where I live.

(Although, I admit to being completely charmed by the concept!)

In fact, I think I could walk through the countryside taking photos of old barns, abandoned cars, etc. for DAYS.

I’m hoping to have a little more access to the Internet today.

(But I can’t be sure of that, of course!)

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The Backyard – Oregon

Apparently, thirty bucks on a MiFi buys about ten minutes of Internet time.

So – I’ll be very brief with my posts until I get home.

(Also, I’m seeing your comments via my phone but I may not respond to them until I have better Internet access.  My apologies!)

My parents have quite a few acres of land here in AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon.

I love the forest areas especially.

Today, I thought I’d share with you a photo of a portion of their backyard:

It’s no wonder so many deer call this place home.

(I saw more deer babies yesterday.  They’re everywhere.  The fawns are SO cute!)

I also encountered a not-so-cute-but-harmless snake.

It rained pretty much all day yesterday so I spent my time:

•  Spending another hour-plus dealing with the biggest United Airlines screw-up in the recorded history of any airline.

•  Talking to my web designers and apologizing for the fact I’m now the one causing a delay with my site redesign.

*  Reading The Other Boleyn Girl.   (I’ll come back and link to it whenever I have Internet again!)

•  Walking through the forest in the rain.

•  Talking to several deer who looked at me quizzically, but seemed to know I’m nothing to be afraid of.

•  Asking a wild turkey if he’d make a good dinner.  (He looked at me and gobbled.  I think that means YES.)

My two minutes of Internet time is up … more as soon/if I’m able ….!

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AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon


So much to share with you – and very little time to do so.

I had The Trip From Hell on Friday … United Airlines messed up my flight(s) beyond all imagination.

(That story is an entire post by itself!)

I arrived at my parent’s house in AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon, at about midnight Friday night.

Cell phone service and Internet is very questionable/intermittent here.

(The farm is surrounded by huge trees and forest which complicates things.)

On Saturday morning, I was awoken by gobbling.

There are wild turkeys roaming around everywhere.

(Sorry the above shot isn’t better.  I took it through a window!)

This particular tom turkey was preening for some nearby females who were completely ignoring him and VERY uninterested.

Poor guy.

He did not get lucky.

I can’t help it – I see turkeys and I think Thanksgiving.

Above is a photo of AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon.

What you don’t see in this shot is the dense forest to the right of the frame.

It showers off and on all day.  One minute the sky is dark and cloudy, the next it’s sunny.

There are a lot of deer roaming around my parents land.

I haven’t gotten any photos of the newborn fawns yet, but they’re adorable with their spots.

I might have exclaimed, “Bambi!” multiple times since I arrived.

Yes, we have deer at home.

For some reason, it isn’t the same as seeing them here in AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon.

I haven’t seen the wild hunting/stalking cat yet.

But …!

We’re now pretty sure it is a baby-ish/teenage mountain lion.

I’ll tell you more about THAT soon.

(Assuming I can get online again.)

(Also, assuming I can stay online for long enough to get a post to publish.)

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Wild Monsters In The Dark?

Today I begin a journey that will take about nine hours – ending tonight at my parents farm.

It’s pretty ridiculous – what you have to go through to get to AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon.  I could get to New York faster.

(The above photo was taken at the Central Coast vineyards – not at my parents farm.)

I caved in yesterday and went to vist my local Verizon store.

I got a pre-paid, absolute minimum use, MiFi.  If it works, I’ll be able to access the Internet while on my trip.

I only put a tiny bit of prepaid service on it, so I may only be able to use it once while I’m gone.  I’m not quite sure how much time my 30 bucks is paying for.

(I can “reload” the MiFi if I take future trips to No-Internet-Access locations.)

If the MiFi doesn’t work from AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon, I’ll make a trip into the city at some point and try to find a Starbucks.

Heck, it’s only an hour drive each way.

Before purchasing the Mi-Fi, I called my parents to see if they have cell phone service at their house.  (MiFis require it to work.)

My dad’s answer …?

“If you stand by the front living room window, you can sometimes get a cell phone to work.”


Like I said, I’m traveling to AbsolutelyNowhere, Oregon.

My mom got on the phone and our conversation went something like this:

Mom:  We have some type of wild cat roaming the property lately.  If you’re lucky you might be able to get a photo, but it will be tough.

24:  You have a mountain lion?

Mom:  Noooo … it isn’t a mountain lion.  I’m not sure what it is.  It stalks deer and other animals.  It has a long tail.  It’s back is a little higher than a person’s knees.

24:  Is it a wolf?

Mom:  No, it’s some type of wild cat.

24:  Is it a bobcat?

Mom:  No, it’s bigger.  Really a long tail!

24:  You want me to go outside and take photos of a big, unidentified, wildcat while it’s hunting?

Mom:  It would be next to impossible to capture a photograph.

24:  I’m afraid to come visit you.

Mom:  Oh, I don’t think it will eat YOU.  All the animals around here are acting very afraid of it though.

24:  I bet!

Mom:  It would probably be afraid of a person.

24:  Probably??

Mom:  I’ve never seen anything like it.  I can’t figure out what it is.

(This is very concerning because my mom is a walking encyclopedia of every plant and animal in existence.)

24:  Is it Bigfoot?

Mom:  No, he lives further north.

24:  Ahhh!

I guess it will be a very interesting few days.  I may, or may not, get eaten alive by Unknown Predator In The Woods.

P.S.  I’ve pre-scheduled a couple photo posts to go up this weekend.  If I get the Mi-Fi to work, I’ll have a post up for Monday.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even SEE whatever this THING is in the forest!

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Pain Meds For Dinner, And …

Yesterday, while I was at physical therapy, The Neanderthal got that glint in his eye.

You know, the glint of an effing Crazy Man.

(Or someone who just found The Key To Life.)

I’ve been having pretty severe pain, in a weird new way, for a few weeks now.

I described this new horrific pain to The Neanderthal like this:

“I can’t even breathe.  Seriously, I can’t breathe.  I’m actually dead right now.  It might be a weird type of muscle spasm where there are no muscles.  It’s coming sort of from my side and then going up my shoulder blade.  I need a new shoulder blade.  Do they make those?  Maybe it’s my right lung cramping?”

Yesterday, I relented and let him do new terrible things to me.  (He’s been trying to persuade me.  Men are like that!)

He was so happy.

As swear words ran out of my mouth (at a very rapid speed),

He smiled and said, “This is really a good spot!”

It made his day.  (Hence, the Crazy Man glint in his eyes.)

Personally, it wasn’t a pleasant experience for me.

I know my pain level will be quite high for a few days to come.

(Although, I will grudgingly admit, it probably was needed.)

My sessions with The Neanderthal are intense.

I needed to regain a sense of calm afterwards, so I ventured down to the beach with my camera.

It was afternoon.

The sun was strong – never a good time to take photos.

I put a filter on my lens (to tone down all the bright, sunlight) and took a few daytime long exposure shots.

Photo of Laguna Beach

It would have been prettier at sunset, but I think I captured the beauty of the day.

It was a stunning, gorgeous, spectacular  (!)  day.

The very act of being by the ocean helped me regroup before I came home.

As it turned out, my family was out and about most of the evening.

I was glad I didn’t need to worry about feeding anyone but our retrievers.

I might have taken a couple pain pills for dinner.

That’s healthy, right?

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I made the mistake of reading this CNN article about the Sandusky trial the other day.

I am horrified on so many levels.

Something about reading the words of the victims made the case so much more terrible than I already thought it was.

(And believe me, I already thought it was REALLY terrible.)

The devastation one individual can cause to so many lives is enormous.

The one thing I can’t get out of my mind, however, is Sandusky’s wife.

(Photo of Dottie Sandusky via the Internet)

I know a lot about child abuse, and sexual abuse.

I know there are often people who enable twisted, sick-minded, individuals.

Even though I know these things on an intellectual level,

I can’t wrap my brain around his wife.

No amount of text book knowledge about abusers will ever allow me to understand HER.

And yes, I’m sure some of you will tell me he hasn’t been convicted of anything YET.


I do know, if my husband was inviting young boys over for sleep overs on a regular basis I wouldn’t think of it as normal.

If it was common practice for my husband to tell me he was “going downstairs to tell them good night,” it just might seem odd.

If my husband was showering with boys at work, and spending a good deal of his leisure time with people decades younger than himself,

I might question WHY.

Also …?

If I heard the love letters he wrote to children read aloud in court,

If I heard the boys who slept over testifying about being sodomized,

I sure as hell wouldn’t be standing by his side and taking the stand on his behalf.

I just can’t wrap my brain around HER.

Can you?

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Behind The Scenes …

•  I spent a lot of yesterday trying to make some final decisions about photo storage.

My eyes glaze over every time photographers talk about their “RAID systems” and how they’ve configured them.

Ask me about cameras, but please don’t ask me technicalities about data storage.

I do know RAW photo files are huge.  (As are many types of media files:  music, videos, etc.)

I’d love it if I could afford a more advanced file storage system designed for businesses, but I can’t.

(I hear great things from many photographers about this system, but it’s way out of my price bracket.)

Instead, I tried to get something that can grow with me.  At the same time, I wanted to take advantage of the thunderbolt technology in my MacBook Pro.

My photos are now stored on a LaCie 4TB Thunderbolt Hard Drive.

(Warning:  You have to have thunderbolt for this particular drive!  Also, thunderbolt is amazingly FAST!))

Yes, I also have my files backed up in other locations.  (I hope you have multiple back-ups of your photos and important files also.)

My web designers tell me they’re getting very close to completing my website, so I will add “file storage” to the topics I will eventually talk about on my photography feed

•  Regarding the not-yet-done website –

I’ve been informed I’ll get a sneak peek at it this Wednesday, and hopefully it will go live after any minor details are adjusted in the few days after that.

Have I mentioned I’m very eager to have this site moved to a new server?  Dreamhost has had nonstop technical problems with their site in Irvine, which is my datacenter.  As a result, my site has been down a lot – and/or running very slowly.  One of the “behind the scenes” changes will be moving me to a different host.  This changes nothing for you … at least not outwardly.  Hopefully, it will mean everything runs smoother (and faster) though.


(Of course, parts of the new site won’t be up and running until I have time to do a little work of my own on them … but at least we’re making progress!)

•  I love visiting places, but I hate the hassle of travel.

I say this, as I look at all the things I need to get done before I leave on Friday.  (Better/more secure photo storage being one of them!)

The act of traveling is very difficult for me with my bum arm.  The fact I usually fly with professional photography gear which I can’t check makes it much harder.  Honestly, an enterprising person could make a lot of money by figuring out a way to make the whole flying-with-a-laptop,-a-tripod,-and-a-ton-of-gear thing easier.  On this trip, I know I’ll be taking my rolling photography case.  I haven’t quite figured out what to do about the additional carry ons of my tripod and laptop.  THREE carry-ons are not allowed.

•  You might have noticed, in anticipation of the new photography feed/site, I have recently partnered with B&H Photo.  (See the pretty ads in my sidebar?)

I’m honored, and looking forward, to having a working relationship with a company I highly respect.  I almost wet my pants when they called – but please don’t tell them that.

(Almost all my photography gear has been purchased from B&H – and omigod B&H called me and wanted to talk business!!!)

My relationship with B&H will allow me to do some great product reviews, giveaways, and provide some “insider information” for those of you who are interested in photography.  B&H carries everything photography-related, and a lot of different technology products.  It’s part of their awesome-ness-ish, and one of the many reasons I’ve been their customer.

B&H has also been very supportive, and very patient, with my website re-design (and my grammar).

I look forward to working with them, and bringing the benefits of that relationship to YOU via my photography feed.

•  OK, so now you know why I might seem like a disorganized mess lately.  

For one thing, I am.

For another, I’ve been trying to work on bits and pieces of the new site.

For yet another, I’ve been communicating back and forth with B&H to get everything prepped for the launch.

Oh, and then there are also a million personal things which I can’t blog about at the moment/yet/possibly ever.

P.S.  Did I mention B&H called?