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Mish Mash

•  First things first, the winner of Friday's contest was Pam.  And since more than one Pam entered the contest, it was the Pam with the following comment:

Happy Friday to you too! I hope you get your laptop back soon. The sun is shining here today–Thank God!!! Finally. :)

Have a great weekend.

Pam, when you send me the email address you prefer, I will have your Amazon $50.00 gift card emailed directly to you.

Thank you to everyone who participated.

•  Rooster Feather Controversy – After posting about my feather hair extension, a few readers contacted me to inform me roosters are being killed just to support this latest fashion craze.  However, I was also contacted by a hair stylist who told me most salons are using human hair extensions colored to look like feathers.  My take away on the matter is this – ask your stylist where his/her feathers come from if you plan to get a feather added to your hair.  

•  My laptop is back!  Woo hoo!  You probably already figured that out since I was able to post photos over the weekend.

•  I was all over Orange County last weekend.

It was pretty,

As it usually is ….

Did you know people photoshop sun rays into their photos a lot?

I did not photoshop the above sun rays.  Also, I never photoshop fake sun rays.

Just sayin' …. 

•  The highlight of the weekend was attending a very special wedding on Balboa Island in Newport Beach.  The reception was held at the Balboa Yacht Club and the bride arrived to the reception by boat.


She looked gorgeous!

The wedding photographer went missing just prior to the bride's arrival at the reception.  I was asked to fill in and take shots of her arrival, etc.  I was honored and the photos came out great.

How could they not, with such a beautiful bride?

© Twenty Four At Heart

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Balboa Yacht Club

I was at a wedding in Newport Beach yesterday.

I wish I could have taken each of you with me.

Wouldn't we have had fun?

It was a wonderful day, and a really special wedding.

The reception was held at the Balboa Yacht Club.

When we arrived, the sun was out and the weather was spectacular.

And then ….


It became a beautiful evening.

© Twenty Four At Heart

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Because It’s Friday

Because it is Friday . . . And because I still do not have my computer back to write with . . . Or to share photos . . . And/or to maintain my sanity . . . . And also because apostrophes just stopped working on the keyboard I am trying to type on . . . I am going to give away one $50.00 Amazon gift card. Just because. All you need to do is leave me a comment to be entered. You may leave as many comments as you like. Each comment counts as one entry. Comments will be closed at 9 p.m. Pacific time tonight. The winner will be picked using random integer software and announced on Monday. Good luck!

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Feathers In My Hair

* I still don't have a computer.  It makes it very difficult to get photos uploaded.  Today's photos were taken with my iPhone. *

It's apparently a very bad year to be a rooster.

Hair stylists in Orange County are paying $300 for small, minimum, orders of rooster feather hair extensions to adorn people with.

These same feather hair extensions are selling out within minutes of becoming available.  Feathers are very in right now.  I suppose we have Steven Tyler (from the band Aerosmith and this season's American Idol) to thank for that.

Yesterday, I walked into my usual salon for a haircut.

The salon always displays/sells trendy jewelry in their waiting area.


It's mainly all feather jewelry right now.

Feather necklaces and feather bracelets …

And also feather earrings:


I decided to have my hair styled a little shorter this time, with lots of choppy layers for summer.  It came out cute and sassy.  I think it will be a fun cut for the warm weather.  I can blow dry it straight, or scrunch it up with a little styling gel right out of the shower and get on with my day.

Just as I was about to leave, my stylist suggested I add a feather extension to my hair.  She pulled out bright fuschia pink, turquoise blue, and purple striped rooster feathers.  She explained a feather extension would last for about three months.

I was tempted.

I love to play with my hair and I especially like to do fun things with it in the summer.  (Some of you'll recall, I've put pink, purple and even blue streaks in my blonde hair from time to time.)

I told her I'm definitely up for a bright color or two a little later in the summer.  (Perhaps right before BlogHer in August to help make me more identifiable in the crowd.)

I had a huge parent, high school sponsored, banquet to attend last night though and I didn't want to be quite so BRIGHT for it.  (I think I've already been labeled as "the creative type," as it is.)

"I've got just the thing," she replied. 

And she did …. 

It's subtle and I can easily hide it in my hair when I don't want to show it off.  The rest of the time, it adds a little bit of fun to my life.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with feather extensions, you can wash and style your hair just the same as you always do when wearing them.  They last around three months, and can be adjusted during that time period to coincide with the growth of your hair.

Later in the day, a friend told me she has an aunt who's 85 years old and just got several feather extensions "which look fabulous."

"I'll be that woman when I'm 85," I commented a bit sheepishly.

"That's why I love you," was the reply.

I smiled.

After all, why not have fun?

It's just hair ….

Or in this case, feathers.

© Twenty Four At Heart

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You Know It’s Not a Good Day When …

I'm borrowing a laptop so I can say hello to all of you today.

If I'm worse than usual at getting back to your emails and comments, I hope you'll understand I don't have access to a computer right now.

The built-in mouse on my MacBook was acting up.

Acting up, as in, I had to pound on it to make it work.  I took it in to see an Apple Genius yesterday.  He was a nice Genius.  He immediately noticed my screensaver and told me it was an "incredible" photo.

"I took that photo," I said smiling, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. 

(And of course that led to a conversation about photography.) 

The Genius did say I might need an intervention though.

I think he came to that conclusion when he told me he'd have to keep my laptop for a few days and I started howling, "Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!  You can't take it awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"

Then I might have begged, pleaded, offered sexual favors, and requested speedy service.


But, that isn't the only thing that was a "blip" in my yesterday.

I got a speeding ticket in the morning too.

It's the first ticket, of any kind, I've had since I was 20 years old.

So …

That means it's been four years, right?

I couldn't even argue the ticket.

I deserved it.

I was going just a few miles over the speed limit … not too bad.

Then I decided to pass someone who was in front of me.

I sped up a lot even more, passed the slower car and pulled back into my lane again.  I promptly came face to face with Mr. Officer's radar gun.


To make matters worse, he was a nice cop.

I could have convinced myself I was angry if he'd been a dick about it.

"I'm sorry," I told him.  "I'm late for an appointment and I was going too fast."

"Just a little too fast," he replied regretfully.

He hung his head as if it ruined his day to give me a ticket.

The man looked absolutely dejected.

I wondered if I should flash some cleavage.  

I mean, I have a lot of cleavage to spare, and it's definitely helped me out of a jam before.


He was just such a nice guy.

I didn't feel like it would be fair to hypnotize him with my spell-provoking cleavage.

I could tell he felt really bad about giving me a ticket though, just not bad enough to let me off.  He said my driving record is "commendable" and then he made me sign on the dotted line, making it not-so-commendable-anymore.


I hear you can do traffic school online now to get tickets erased off your record.  Is that true?

Doing it online would be right up my alley ….

If I had my computer back, that is.

© Twenty Four At Heart

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Charmed, I’m Sure

I'm having a few technical difficulties on this end.

While I'm trying to resolve them, I'll share a few more photos from the historic area of Crystal Cove.

Yesterday, I mentioned there are several quaint beach cottages from the 1920's – 1930's at the park.  Many of them have been renovated and are available as vacation rentals.


The steps lead right to the sand, of course.


Enchanting, cozy, fun ….

As much as I'd love a big, huge, kitchen and endless closets, I think I could be very happy in a small beach bungalow.  

Very happy!

I was immediately enamored with the deck on this one:

Here is the same cottage from a different angle …

Used brick steps, surfboards used as decorations, oars on the wood shingle sides, hot guy naked on the balcony …



I was just checking to see if you're awake!

When you go down the stairs of these particular cottages, you find yourself here:


And if you go on the other side of the cute wood fence ….


You're in heaven.

© Twenty Four At Heart

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Crystal Cove Charm

* If you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter, you may have already seen a few of today's photos.  Sorry about that! *

Crystal Cove is a California state park which takes up just over three miles of coastline between Newport and Laguna Beach.

I frequent Crystal Cove a lot.  It has extensive hiking trails, tide pools, generally less crowded beaches, and beautiful scenery.  Many of the beach and sunset photos I've shared with you were taken at Crystal Cove.

There's one area of the park I haven't yet shared with you though.  There's a section of the park listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  When I visit there, I feel like I've stepped back in time.  Old beach cottages from the 1920's and 1930's, some of which have been renovated, still exist right on the beach.  (People are allowed to rent some of these cottages for vacations and they're very popular.)

A few of the cottages were originally built for the filming of movies, such as Treasure Island, Herbie Rides Again, and Beaches.  Others were "real" beach cottages.

I realize many of you live in places where "old" and "charming" are common adjectives.  In Orange County, however, it's a treat to see anything more than twenty years old.  (Remember, even the ninety year old OC women try to look like they're twenty.)  

Old is not something you see a lot of here, which is a shame.

I'll share more about the cottages in upcoming posts, but today I wanted to give you a small glimpse of this particular area of Crystal Cove.

From the minute you arrive, you feel like you've stepped back in time.

It makes me wish I'd been alive in the 1920's and 1930's.

I knew I'd be staying for most of the day, so I brought my camera backpack, a beach bag and a couple chairs.

It's easy to be delighted by the little things when you pay a visit.


Speaking of little things …..

This mother duck somehow got a bit confused.


You don't normally see ducks on the beach.  Ducks are fresh water, not sea water, birds.  

Mother Duck walked down the beach for a long, long, long, time with her nine babies.  I watched her, feeling both amused and mystified.  Eventually she found her way to an area where fresh water was running off into the ocean.  She was quite happy once she got there.  I guess the whole duck family got their exercise with a long walk on the beach.

Did I mention the word charming yet?

In fact, my favorite photo of the day was of another "little thing."

He's so adorable, I think he belongs on a postcard.

(Notice how he's holding his fingers … sand feels funny!)

I can barely stand the cute!

* I'll have more on this particular area of Crystal Cove in upcoming posts. *

** P.S.  Did you know if you do a zillion squats in one afternoon, (when you aren't used to doing them), you will have a really hard time going down stairs the next day week?  This has nothing to do with today's post … but – aack! **

© Twenty Four At Heart

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Beach Warning Sign

It was a busy day at the beach yesterday.

The tourists have arrived for the summer.

© Twenty Four At Heart

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Last Night

Last night was Girl's Night Out with a few friends.


I've been forbidden from showing you most of the photos.

I've been forbidden from showing you the ridiculous text messages and videos that were recorded.

Did you know, the more tequila you drink ….

The cuter your waiter becomes?

Not that I thought so,

But maybe some of my friends got out of hand?

I always behave like an angel.

It should be my new blog name:  Twenty Four Is An Angel.

When we go out in the evenings here, we're often outdoors sitting on patios, etc.

When the evening gets cool, the restaurants start up their outdoor heaters.

It makes for a perfect evening.

© Twenty Four At Heart