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Central Coast Storm

I drove up the coast yesterday for a few days of photography time.

Central Coast, California

There’s a huge storm rolling in.

Of course, I had to be outside (freezing!) so I could capture the incoming clouds.

I love the ocean during a storm – the biting wind, the angry ocean, the darkening clouds –

Photography …

It’s an addiction!

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Parenting Fail 101

I have a strong affection for antiques and vintage collectibles.

For the most part, I resist my desire to surround myself with old things.

I do this, because there’s only so much poking Briefcase can handle before he gets pissed off.

(Can you believe ANYONE could ever get pissed off by lil’ ol’ me?)

Sometimes, I make “finds” I can’t resist, though.

An iPhone photo of my new, old, phone.

I fell in love with this “Dreyfuss” phone.  (Also known as a “Lucy” phone, because it became famous via frequent appearances on the I Love Lucy show.)

This particular phone has been lovingly restored to full 1950’s working order.

It rings!

I can talk on it!

It looks great just sitting there.

Imagine my shock …

When I discovered my 16 year old son does not know how to dial a phone!

How is that possible?

I suggested to him, “Try dialing it!”

(Because it makes an old fashioned sound when it dials and I thought he’d get a kick out of it.)

He stuck his finger in one of the dial holes, as if it were a touch tone phone he needed to push a button on.

Then he asked, “Now what do I do?” with an inquisitive look on his face.


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Sometimes I Wish …

Sometimes I wish I could write down every thought I want to express.

Sometimes I wish I was still an “anonymous” author and didn’t have to worry about real-life fall out when I share with you.

Purple sunset.

When did the worry of “fall-out” take over my writing?

How do I make it go away?

Sometimes I contemplate starting over … anonymous, once again.

But then …

How would you find me?

And, of course, I want you to find me.

I like you.

I like writing to you – I really do.

Sometimes I wish I could tell you about the deep fears, the frustrations, the  love, the hurt …

The disappointments and the hopes.

Oh, and the good-byes.

I could write pages and pages about the movie-worthy, heart-wrenching, good-byes.

Life can be so utterly tragic –

And funny.

I can find humor in almost every tragedy … but not when my pen is silenced.

I have so many untold stories bursting within me.

Stories unwritten.

Stories worth telling.

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Last week, I mentioned a product called Moxxor.

What is it?

Did they pay me to mention their product?

(No, they did not.)

Shortly after I began treatment with The Neanderthal (my physical therapist), he told me about Moxxor – an extra potent form of Omega 3.

I scoffed.

I suppose I should have known better – never scoff at The Neanderthal because he always seems to be (annoyingly) right.

Personally, I already knew Omega 3 fatty acids are important.   I’ve tried to maintain a diet high in Omega 3.  I’ve also taken Omega 3 supplements regularly in the past.  I felt no difference in my body (or my life) while taking Omega 3 pills.

(By the way, Omega 3 comes from food – it is NOT a drug.)

I hated taking “really big” Omega 3/fish oil pills.  I also hated “fish burps” which inevitably arrived hours after taking them.

(Grode-y to the max, dude!)

I DID like feeling self righteous about my health after taking Omega 3 supplements.

(After all, everyone knows you’re supposed to be taking Omega 3, right?  Omega 3 fatty acids have lots and lots of health benefits.  They’re good for your heart, they have anti-aging properties, they help with mental alertness, etc., etc.   Everyone already knows that, right?)

By the way, I never saw any difference in my pain levels even though Omega 3’s are a natural anti-inflammatory.



But then, one day The Neanderthal told me I would start taking Moxxor.

Skeptical, cynical, me told him I could not afford to start taking a supplement that costs $60 per bottle.

He looked me right in the eye, laughed, and said –

“You, of all people, can’t afford NOT to take them.”

Damn, he’s so sure of himself – !!

Reluctantly, I agreed to try taking them for the course of one bottle.

I had no intention of ever taking them again.

The first thing I noticed, and appreciated, was how TINY the Moxxor pills are compared to typical Omega 3 pills.  (I hate taking pills, and big pills?  Bleh!!)

The next thing I noticed was the pills DO smell fishy, but there’s no fish burp and/or fishy aftertaste once you take them.

I was, due to my high pain levels, also particularly intrigued to learn Moxxor’s anti-inflammatory value is:

•  158 times more effective than fish oil

•  247 times more effective than salmon oil

•  395 times more effective than flax seed oil

Within a few days the intense burning sensation I’ve had in my shoulder for over five years began to noticeably decrease.

Those of you who know my story, know my body is damaged and “ruined” post car accident.

Barring a miracle, I will never have a normally functioning arm or shoulder, or for that matter – entire upper right quadrant of my body.

After 5+ years of fighting it, I’ve accepted I will always live my life in pain.

I also have leaps and bounds (a lifetime?) of physical therapy ahead of me.  (And physical therapy hurts, dammit!)

And yet?

I’m feeling so much LESS pain since I began taking Moxxor.

It’s been, honestly, a miracle for me.

(And yes, The Neanderthal is helping me with the muscular pain surrounding my shoulder.  Moxxor has substantially decreased the intense, burning, pain I’ve had inside my shoulder joint itself since the accident.)

In case you’re curious, a “normal” dose of Moxxor would be two pills each day – one in the morning, one at night.

My body is damaged and broken, and flares up with inflammation at every touch –

I’m taking FOUR Moxxor pills a day right now.  I’ll probably decrease that amount once I’ve been on it for a few more weeks.  (Although some people, with high pain levels, take even greater quantities on an ongoing basis.)

I expect I will always have pain.  I expect I will always have flare-ups …

I also know, without question, I have a lot LESS pain since I began taking Moxxor.

In addition to decreasing pain, I’ve also noticed a remarkable increase in my energy throughout the day.

Who can’t benefit from feeling more energetic?

I’m now “making” my whole family take Moxxor –

I believe in it that much.

And yes, I’m even giving it to my arthritic Golden Retriever.

(By the way, my Golden likes it.  He gobbles it down.  It appears to be helping him too.  Our vet had told us to put him on Omega 3 before I even discovered Moxxor.)

You need to know, upfront, Moxxor is sold through a network of distributors.

(Another reason why I was, initially, HIGHLY skeptical of it!)

When I first mentioned Moxxor last week, I was NOT a distributor for them, but now I am.

I will NOT be out actively pitching this product (to you or my “real-life” friends).

I wanted to tell you about it today, because it’s making a huge change in my life.

(I always share the good and the bad of my life here – and this is very, very, good.)

I decided to be a distributor so I can get a price break on Moxxor for myself and my family.  I don’t have the time or desire to be out pounding the pavement selling it.

I have, however, put up a link/button in my sidebar.

If my far away friends/family members/readers WANT to order Moxxor (or just learn more about it) – you can click on the link.

If not,

No big deal!

I’m doing this for ME,

But –

It’s something I truly believe would benefit everyone!

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Santa Monica on Drugs

Due to circumstances beyond my control …

Today, I’m just going to share a couple pics from my trip to Santa Monica last Sunday.

I should be back to “normal” blogging tomorrow.

An overcast, and therefore uncrowded, day at the beach in Santa Monica.

As a young-un’, I hung out a lot in Santa Monica and Malibu.

Dinosaurs used to roam the beaches back then.

They had big teeth and roared a lot.

Some of them had little arms.

Can you spot the plane in the above photo?

Since those days, air-o-planes have been invented.

Santa Monica isn’t very far from LAX (airport), so you can hang out on the beach AND watch planes all day.

Double good fun!

(Remember all the Doublemint gum commercials?  Do they still make those?  With the double-good twins?  Double good, double fun!!)

How old AM I???

By the way,

The circumstances beyond my control which I alluded to at the beginning of this post …

Might involve accidentally taking two pain pills at one time.

How does a person do that?

(It involved vitamins!  And accidentally gulping down what was NOT a vitamin with a pain pill.  Which equals two pain pills.  I was distracted arguing with Briefcase about the importance/non-importance of landlines.  As in telephones.  As in, I will not die from an overdose – but I’m having trouble thinking in a straight line.)


I can’t believe I used to (post-surgeries) take big, enormous, doses of pain pills every four hours.

Did I mention it was a very tough PT session yesterday?

I thought I might faint during/after it –

I think I forgot to breathe for most of my session.

I do that sometimes when I’m in a lot of pain.

I also said bad words.

More than once.

The Neanderthal doesn’t even flinch when I say bad words.

He’s un-flinch-able.

(Also?  He’s truly helping me so much

Even when he really, really, hurts me.  Which he did.  Yesterday.)

Where was I?

Oh, in Santa Monica.

(I’m going to regret this post, aren’t I?  But if I didn’t post anything, people would think something was really, really, wrong.  In fact, I will be perfectly fine in a couple hours – and I will be a lot more careful with taking vitamins in the future.  Also, do you have a landline?  Or do you just have a cell phone?)

So ….

What was I saying?

Santa Monica, at dusk.

Santa Monica was really pretty at dusk, with the clouds rolling in …


I think I should go now.

And really – I’m FINE.

I’m “allowed” to take lots of pain pills –

I just usually don’t.

(And now you know why!!)

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Holiday Weekend

It’s a holiday weekend for those of us living in the United States.

What does that mean?

Well, my brain is half here – and very much, not so.

Yesterday, I spent the day in Los Angeles and Santa Monica.  The morning was beautiful, but clouds rolled in during the afternoon.

A view of Santa Monica beach.

By evening, it was actually raining in Orange County – the first rain we’ve had in months, and months, and months!

My trip up to the L.A. area was a combined photography/help-my-daughter-get-settled-in-her-new-apartment outing.

What else have I been doing over the long/holiday weekend?

Well, I said a teary good-bye to my oldest son who headed back to college yesterday.

(Yes, I’m down to ONE kid living in the house again!)

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve said good-bye to my older kids, I always (always!) cry.

I’ve also been strangely obsessed with antique typewriters listed on eBay.

And no, that doesn’t mean I’ve been buying them – I’ve just been obsessing over them.

Why do antique typewriters, and cameras, appeal to me so much?

It’s a sickness ….

I’ll have more about this busy three-day weekend soon.

Right now, I hear The Neanderthal calling my name.

Can you believe he doesn’t even give me holidays off?

If he wasn’t helping me so much, I might really get irritated with him.

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A Table For Two

On Friday, my oldest son and I spent the day at the beach.

We enjoyed lunch, and a couple of margaritas, at Las Brisas restaurant in Laguna.

The view from our lunch table at Las Brisas restaurant.

It was a beautiful day, and a wonderful mom-son afternoon.

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Sunshine and the San Clemente Pier

As much as I love our weather,

We really do need some rain.

Under the San Clemente pier, on yet another sunny day.

Is it possible to have too much nice weather?


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A Public Life?

I’ve been blogging for quite awhile now, for over three years.

When I write, I’m almost always alone.

Palms at sunset, Orange County, CA

Even if there are people around, I find a quiet spot so I can think.

Every single time something I’ve written on Twenty Four At Heart is acknowledged by someone I encounter in my every day life,

It comes as a shock.

I know it’s ridiculous, but that’s the reality of personal blogging.  I write my thoughts on a screen, alone.  It’s like writing in a diary, except I dare not write about certain subjects.

Sometimes one of my friends will call,

They’ll start a conversation as if we’re continuing a talk we had via Twenty Four At Heart.

I’ll do a double take, thinking –

How did you know …?  Oh yeah, you must have read it on 24.

Weirder still, however,

Is when I get a text from The Neanderthal  in the middle of the afternoon –

Saying, “Who’s the hot trainer?”

And it literally stops me in my tracks, as I mutter, What the hell?? 

I’ve had a doctor look at me, knowingly, and say, “Well, you’re a type A personality so ….

And then backup his statement with tidbits he’s read about me/my life on 24.

(Hey – no fair analyzing me via 24!!  Besides, I can’t help it – I have a strong genetic disposition!)

I’ve been stared down in public by people I’ve never seen before …

Eventually some of them come forward and ask, “Are you Twenty Four …?”

I’ll get occasional emails from my ex, longtime, college boyfriend –

Short, one sentence, questions asking about something I’ve written on a particular day.

The emails almost sound like the extension of a conversation …

But it’s a conversation we never had –

One he’s read on Twenty Four At Heart.

I took my (old) car in for service once and was completely taken aback when a male employee fired off photography questions at the sight of me.

My brain knows I write on the Internet.

My brain knows a lot of people know who I am either because of Twenty Four At Heart, or because of my photography.

My brain knows many people know a lot about me –

A terrible car accident, multiple surgeries, my struggles, my triumphs …

And yet,

I will never, ever, get used to things like a random text, in the middle of the day –

Making me blush …

Asking …

“Who’s the hot trainer?”