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Pick A Picture …?

I’m hoping you can help me make a decision.

An Orange County business is going to be displaying one of my prints for a few weeks.

I can’t really discuss the details (at least not yet), but the photo will be getting some attention.

It needs to be a photo taken in Orange County.

A “pretty beach” photo has been requested.

Taking into account the interior surroundings where the photo will be placed,

I’ve narrowed the final selection to two photos.

I’m curious to see which of the two you like best.

(The final selection will be matted and framed.)

The first photo in contention is one I shared with you just this week,

Sunset in Newport Beach:

The second photo is one I haven’t yet shared here on Twenty Four At Heart.

It is, I think, a beautiful shot …

But in a different way.

For now, let’s just call it Golden Sunset:

The photos actually have more specific titles, but I’m not printing the titles here today.

(I don’t want the titles to influence your choice.)

What do you think?

If you walked into a public area and/or business –

Which photo would you be more likely to notice hanging on the wall?

P.S.  Thank you so much for helping me make this decision!!

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I Had A Nightmare, But It Was Real

I woke up at 3 a.m., dripping with sweat and fear.

My heart was pounding.

“It was just a nightmare,” I told myself.

And it was.

But, it was also real.

I’ve had more than a few nights like this recently …

Nights when the car accident happens all over again.

The difference between the nightmares and the real accident …?

When the accident happened, I had no idea how bad it was or what the aftermath would be.

When I have car accident nightmares,

I relive the accident but while the nightmare is happening,

I also know what is to come …

The surgeries, the pain, the disability, the loss of lifestyle.

Over time, the nightmares have lessened.

Now they’re back – frequently.

I can guess why.

The six year anniversary of the accident is coming up in less than a week.

Try as I might to “forget” the date … every single year it gets to me.

I tell myself it’s “just a date,” but there’s Big Heavy Significance that hangs around me this time of year.

I try to shrug it off, but it won’t leave.

I feel ridiculous for admitting to this fragility –

I should be mentally and emotionally strong enough to dismiss a date on the calendar but, apparently, I’m not.

I find myself mentally comparing where I was a year ago, two years ago, five years ago with the entire Car Accident Aftermath.

Memories flood back whether I want them to or not.

In addition, my pain level has been high lately.

With the help of so many people (surgeons, physical therapists, friends, family, the photography community, YOU, etc.) I am doing more now than anytime since the accident.

Still, the more I do, or try to do, the more pain I experience.

I’m doing a lot lately, considering the state of my damaged body.

It isn’t easy –

And it comes at a price.

A price I tell myself I’m willing to pay because we only live once, and I’ve already lost enough of my life to the accident.

“The accident” is an entity in itself.

I refuse to let it win.

I fight against it every.single.day.

I always will.

Lastly, I’ve got a new fear clenching at my heart lately.

My “good” arm has been hurting, and not just a little bit.

I’ve known for years my left arm is also “damaged,” but it WORKS.

It is the only working arm I’ve got –


These are the things gnawing at my subconscious, no doubt responsible for the return of car accident nightmares.

I will get through it, as I do every year.

I saw Dr. Painless this week and he’s concerned enough about my increasing pain to insist I try timed-release pain meds for the next six weeks.

This is something I’ve fought against doing for a long time.

He tells me the bottle of Advil I’m consuming every day for pain is more likely to kill me/have adverse effects than the meds he’s prescribing.

We’ve agreed to a six week “trial.”

Why is he the best doctor EVER?

Because, he completely understands I need to follow my passion and he supports me in doing so.

He knows how many people give up their lives when faced with ongoing pain.

He knows, somehow he really knows, how determined I am to live my life.

In the meantime, The Neanderthal has already given me one treatment on my “good” arm.

He assures me he can help.

He reassures me too.

Pain doesn’t mean surgery.

Pain doesn’t mean loss of use.

I need to hear these things, but the fear – oh the fear!

I tell myself to take a deep breath.

It is going to be okay, I know it will.

And yet, I find myself working late into the night.

I don’t want to go to bed.

I don’t want to fall asleep and relive the car accident again.

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The Day to Day STUFF!

In case you missed it, my Photography Page/Blog/Feed is now up and running.  You can subscribe to it here.

I’m hoping all the bugs are worked out with that feed – please let me know if you see something funky so it can be addressed.

I’m currently planning photography-related posts twice a week (I’m aiming for every Tuesday? and Thursday?) on the photography page.  There will most likely be one additional post on that page each week informing readers of any major product announcements/product reviews/sales, etc.  Sometimes the third post will just be one of my photos uploaded with details on the settings I used to take it.  I’ll see how 2-3 posts per week works out as I settle into a routine.  (Yesterday’s photography post provided beginner tips for improving your sunset photos.)

Even better news …?  I’m working behind the scenes with several different companies to bring you some great information/products/sales/deals/giveaways via my photography page.  There’s good stuff on the horizon now that the web design pieces are falling into place.  Stay tuned!

I’m just a few weeks away from a photography trip to Kauai also!


Photographing Kauai is something I’ve wanted to do for years.  I’ve been to Hawaii several times both for work and pleasure.  I’ve even (more specifically) been to Kauai, but I’ve never gone to Kauai with time available for photography.  The car accident, of course, put all hopes of a Kauai photography trip on indefinite hold.  When Briefcase asked me, several months ago, what “big” thing I wanted for our 25th wedding anniversary, I was pretty quick to answer.  This trip has been in my heart for many years.  It has also now morphed into a giant family and friends vacation too.  Hopefully I’ll be able to capture some beautiful glimpses of the island to share with all of you.

In the meantime, there’s a lot of THIS still going on at my house:

I have two feeders and they’re both just as “busy” all day.  I’m going through twelve cups of hummingbird food every single day.  (I’m refilling both feeders morning and night because they’re completely empty.)  I’ve never seen anything like it.  When the feeders are empty the hummingbirds hover around my kitchen window looking IN at me.  It’s their way of asking me to feed them.  There’s hummingbird chaos going on at my house!

I have no idea WHY there are so many hummingbirds this year.

Maybe it’s due to the “monsoon” weather we’ve had?

I took this photo from my backyard patio about a week ago:

Thunder clouds are NOT normal here.

I love how dramatic they are.

I don’t like the humidity they bring.

Of course, it’s always cooler if I take a short jaunt out of my (hot!) canyon to the beach.

I took the above photo while sitting under a thatch umbrella at the main San Clemente beach.

It was very crowded.  I vowed not to return to that particular beach until summer is over and the tourists are gone.

Lastly, for today …

I have more tomatoes than I know what to do with right now.

The cherry tomato plant I’m growing has been especially prolific.

I thought this particular tomato I picked looked like “conjoined twins.”

I shared my “twin” tomato photo on Google + yesterday.

Viewers there disagreed with me.

Most of them said it looked like a butt.

One person thought it looked like testicles.

What do you think it looks like?

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Sweet, Sweet, Summertime

I apologize in advance – I’m going to be putting this info out every day this week –

There was an error made by GiggaSavvy on my new Photography Feed.  If you subscribed to it during the first few days it went public, you are NOT receiving new posts.

**  Un-subscribing and re-subscribing to the feed won’t work.  (!!!)

To remedy the situation, please subscribe to the photography blog directly from your reader by going to your reader’s Subscribe tab and entering:   http://www.twentyfouratheart.com/feed/?post_type=photography

(If you haven’t yet subscribed to my new photography blog/feed you can do so successfully now with the links I’ve given you in the past or by clicking here.)

GiggaSavvy apologizes for the inconvenience, and I do too!

Finally, it seems the absolute chaos of a blog redesign/new website is (hopefully?) calming down.

I know you only see what I publish, but quite honestly I’ve been working (in some way, shape or form) almost every waking moment for the last several years weeks.

I still plan on a big celebration soon!

(I’m just letting the dust settle for a tiny bit to make sure there aren’t any additional bugs.)

Please let me know if anything is funky from your viewpoint!

Speaking of dust,

I was at the Angel’s game last Friday night.  I was lucky enough to be invited to share in front row seats!  (Right next to the Angel’s dugout too!)

The players were on one side of the green wall, and my seat was right on the other.  (All I had to do was stand up to take the above iPhone photo.)

It was really fun to have a chance to be up close and personal.

(There’s something about a perfect male specimen in a baseball uniform …!)


Of course I was watching the game ….!

I also spent some time at the beach over the weekend.

(You can click on the above photo to purchase it.  It’s a one click photo!)

I had planned on doing a lot of long exposure shots, but I ran into trouble shortly after taking the above photo.

I had my tripod set up in the water.  (I don’t recommend ever setting up in the ocean unless you’re VERY accustomed to shooting in waves and shifting sand).  I was juggling a lot of photography-related crap.  I looked down and saw my Canon timer/remote controller floating in the Pacific.  It had fallen out of my pocket.  That was the end of my long exposure shooting for the day.

It was also the end of my remote.


At least it wasn’t the camera or a lens, right?  And it was an “old” remote which is certainly better than if it had been a new one.

We’ve had some stunning sunsets lately.

I was disappointed to no longer have a working cable release with me, so I had to compromise/adjust/improvise.

I positioned myself in the shallows of the ocean, up on a big rock.  I found a flat space to hold my camera steady and kept my fingers and toes crossed.

I had hiked quite a long way with all my gear, I didn’t want to hike back without at least one decent sunset shot.

(Especially since I knew I was posting sunset photography tips on my photo feed today.)

Briefcase tells me I was splayed out like an enormous walrus on the rocks.

OK, he didn’t really say exactly that.

He said I looked “funny” and that people were looking at me oddly.

Well, there’s nothing new about that, is there?

People have looked at me oddly my entire life and I almost always look “funny.”

In any case, I was rewarded with a beautiful sunset.

(You can click on the above photo to purchase it.  It’s a one click photo!)

I think, in the end, it was worth all the trouble.

It really was an exceptionally beautiful evening.

By the time I left the beach, I had my sunset shot.

I was also minus a camera remote.

I was plus wet clothes/shoes/socks.

And plus-plus an awful lot of sand.


I think I come home from shooting with more sand stuck to me than little kids do after a day burying each other in the sand at the beach.

P.S.  It might have taken hours to clean all my equipment after this particular outing.  Studio shooting seems like a dream job sometimes.

P.P.S. If you’d like some tips on improving your sunset photos, check out today’s post on my photography feed/blog!

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So I Walked Into A Bar And …

I apologize in advance – I’m going to be putting this info out every day this week –

There was an error made by GiggaSavvy on my new Photography Feed.  If you subscribed to it during the first few days it went public, you are NOT receiving new posts.

**  Unsubscribing and re-subscribing to the feed won’t work.  (!!!)

To remedy the situation, please subscribe to the photography blog directly from your reader by going to your reader’s Subscribe tab and entering:   http://www.twentyfouratheart.com/feed/?post_type=photography

(If you haven’t yet subscribed to my new photography blog/feed you can do so successfully now with the links I’ve given you in the past or by clicking here.)

GiggaSavvy apologizes for the inconvenience, and I do too!

Last Friday, I took my son PR out to lunch in an effort to escape the noise of workers at our house.

We don’t have mother/son lunch dates very often so I decided to treat him and go to a “nice” restaurant.

Two OC women were seated in the booth behind my son.

They were discussing their very shallow existence (money, money, money) and their poor sex lives quite loudly.

“Jack and I absolutely never DO it at all anymore.  Well, except about a month ago I BEGGED him for a cuddle and blah, blah, blah, [insert more information than any of us want to hear] …..”

It was embarrassing to be within earshot.

The two women, combined, amount to just about everything I dislike about Orange County.

After lunch, as we walked out of the restaurant –

PR (who is now 17 years old) said, unprompted, “I will NEVER marry anyone who is anything like those women.  I’m not going to marry an Orange County woman.”

It was one of those parental moments when I knew, with absolute certainty,

I did at least one thing right as a parent.

It wasn’t until later that night, while at the Angel’s baseball game, I realized I had forgotten my credit card at the restaurant.

To be more specific, the waitress (who was brand new) never returned it to me.

In the midst of packing up leftovers to bring home (and hurriedly escaping the two obnoxious OC women),

I didn’t even notice.

I’ve never lost or forgotten a credit card before, and I felt a bit panicky.

Late that night, Briefcase and I returned to our local neighborhood after watching a wonderful Angel’s victory.

I asked my doting (?!) husband if he could please swing by the restaurant on the way home so I could run in and (hopefully) reclaim my credit card.

This is the part where I mention the very “nice” restaurant I had lunch at, turns into a high-priced Money Town bar at night.

Briefcase got a prime parking spot right in front of the restaurant.

I told him I’d be right back, and headed into the restaurant-now-a-bar, alone.

No big deal, right?

I was assaulted almost the second I stepped in.

“Oh MY!  Aren’t you cute!” said a man who dripped money and slime from every pore.

“Excuse me?” I said, incredulously.

I haven’t been “cute” since I was five …

And I haven’t been fond of slime-ball men ever.

To be completely honest, I’m also now old and I don’t get out much.

If I’m at a bar, I’m with my husband or girlfriends.

I don’t go to bars alone.

I’m not used to men hitting on me milliseconds after I walk into a room.

(In all fairness to my aging self … I did have “real” clothes on instead of my normal yoga pants, t-shirt, and flip-flops.  Do you think that’s what attracted him?  REAL clothes?)

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a Money Town woman snort and laugh at the sight of me recoiling from Mr. Slime.

The young, attractive, bartender also witnessed the encounter and immediately stepped over to rescue me.

Hot Bartender smiled and asked if I’d like a drink.  I explained about my lost/forgotten credit card and he asked one of the waitresses to go check the restaurant safe.

The safe checking process turned out to be quite lengthy.

I stood at the bar, awkwardly.

Mr. Slime sidled up next to me, pulled up a bar stool, and sat as close as possible to where I stood.

“I haven’t seen you here before,” Mr. Slime oozed.

Before I could respond, he went on –

“What can I get you?” he asked, pointing to his own drink.

I stared at him, blankly.


Men still say things like that?

I haven’t seen you here before????

Does that line ever work?

Doesn’t the very statement imply Mr. Slime never leaves the bar?

What woman is attracted to a man who near leaves the bar?

I was momentarily struck speechless.

I glanced around for help.

I saw a woman seated a few bar stools away, watching my encounter with Mr. Slime.  She and her date seemed very amused by it.

My eyes searched the room quickly, looking for a familiar face.

Instead, my eyes met Hot Bartender’s.

He had, of course, taken in every awkward moment of my encounter with Mr. Slime.

He immediately came over to me.

Hot Bartender smiled, ignored a now visibly irritated Mr. Slime, and initiated a conversation with me.

I refused to look away from Hot Bartender for one millisecond, and he – completely understanding, ignored everyone at the bar but me.

(It seemed like fifteen HOURS, but it was a very long fifteen minutes until my credit card was brought to me.)

Hot Bartender offered me a drink “on the house” while I waited, but I declined.

(Thank goodness Hot Bartender was very NICE in addition to being quite attractive.  He chatted with me nonstop, saving me from Mr. Slime who refused to move from my side.)

Once my card was returned to me, I said a grateful goodnight to Hot Bartender, completely ignored Mr. Slime’s last attempt to corner me, and exited quickly.

When I finally arrived home, PR was lounging on the couch.

I explained to him I had forgotten the credit card at lunch and had to return to the restaurant on the way home.

“And guess what?” I said to my son.

He looked at me questioningly.

“A man tried to hit on me at the bar,” I informed him.  (I was still shocked myself.)

The look of sheer horror on my son’s face, at the very thought of anyone hitting on his mom, confirmed for me everything I already knew.

I’m waaaaaaaay old!


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Follow-Up Friday

Sorry for the craziness this week.

It’s very stressful for a blogger to have a broken blog.

If you are a subscriber to Twenty Four At Heart, you may not be receiving my posts.  I hope you’ll stop by and visit the blog directly until GiggaSavvy is able to fix whatever’s going on.

•  There’s a new post today on my Photography Page.  I’m telling you this because …. the Photography Feed was also broken.  I *think* it’s fixed now.  But?  That could change any minute.

•  There was an error made on the Photography Feed/Subscription the first few days it was up and running.  Apologies from GiggaSavvy.  If you subscribed in the first day or two (as I suggested to all of you), your feed is not working.  To make matters worse, you won’t be able to get it to work now – even if you unsubscribe and re-subscribe.  (Trust me I TRIED!)

•  What can you do to fix this if you aren’t getting the Photography feed and you already subscribed to it?  You can request it via this feed in your reader:  http://www.twentyfouratheart.com/feed/?post_type=photography

•  If you haven’t yet subscribed to the photography feed/page/blog, but would like to  –  you can do so now via the subscribe button in my navigation bar or by clicking here.

•  Again, apologies all around.  It wouldn’t be a new website if everything ran smoothly right from the start, right?

•  On a more positive note, some of my beach photos were featured in the Huffington Post this week!

•  I will be at Angel’s Stadium tonight.  Some of you might recall, they threatened to throw me out last time I visited.  This time, I promise not to bring a camera with me.  Well, except for my iPhone.  I’m such a hell-raiser!

•  Just for the record, I feel very naked without my camera.  I always have my camera with me.

•  I’m very behind on everything right now due to Website Chaos.  I apologize for not visiting many of my blog/Internet friends lately.

•  Lastly, I think I forgot to show you the beautiful roses Briefcase gave me for our 25th wedding anniversary.

He even had them delivered to the house.

Quite honestly, they were the prettiest roses I’ve ever seen –

And that’s saying something because I’ve seen a LOT of roses!

(And guess what?  I only have an unprocessed iPhone photo of them!)


Twenty five (25!!!!) long stem red roses.

They were beautiful.

P.S.  I don’t plan to post photos this weekend.  I will be back on Monday.  If my Monday post doesn’t show up in your reader, I hope you’ll stop by and visit the blog itself.

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A Look At My Week …

** There happen to be two “one click” photos in this post.  I doubt if I will have two in one post very often.  I hope it’s not annoying.  I apologize if it is! **

I’ve been having a very hectic week, trying to get a lot of website-related things rolling “behind the scenes.”

I’d like to ask a favor …

If I ever even mention the idea of beginning another website, or doing a website redesign –

One of you has to promise to STOP me, okay?


As I work on getting lots of odds and ends tied up,

I thought I’d share a few glimpses of life in Orange County this week.

Our local newspaper has trouble finding “news” so we get headlines like this:

And they call this news?

It made me laugh out loud when I saw it.

I took a few beach photos of my own, of course.

(You can click on the above photo to purchase it.  It’s a one click photo!)

Summer is probably my least favorite time at local beaches.  It’s a challenge to avoid the crowds.  I really prefer the beach in the fall when the tourists are gone and the kids are back in school.

My small little container gardens are doing really well.

So well, in fact, our resident blue jays have been eating a lot (but not all!) of my tomatoes.


On the positive side, now I know what type of bird is responsible for eating the budding lemons/limes/oranges off my trees also.

Although, I’m not quite sure what a person does about Blue Jay Bandits?

If any of you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

(I’m more concerned about losing fruit from the citrus trees than I am about the tomatoes.)

Needless to say, this year I have more hummingbird photos than a person could ever use.

(Hummingbirds seem to be very popular on social media forums like Facebook/Flickr/Instagram/Google +, so I keep posting photos of them there.)

I even ordered an 8×12 print for myself …

I rarely order prints which is a little ironic, I suppose.

I had a difficult time deciding which hummingbird photo I wanted for my very own, but I picked this one:

(You can click on the above photo to purchase it.  It’s a one click photo!)

My print arrived yesterday.

Now I need to see about getting it framed.  (You know, sometime in the next few years …!)

I’ve already been asked,

So for those of you who have inquisitive minds …

The above photo is of a male Anna’s Hummingbird (the one with the bright pink/magenta neck) and a male Rufous Hummingbird getting in a tiff over their territorial rights.

I guess there’s stress no matter what part of the universe you inhabit.

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Here Kitty, Kitty!

Two business things really quickly:  

1)  In case you missed the post on Monday, there’s a lot of new stuff around here to get caught up on.

2)  I have posted on my brand new Photogrraphy Page today.  There may have been a problem the first day or two when people attempted to subscribe to the Photography Feed.  I’m told everything is now working correctly.  Please let me know if you have any problems.  You can subscribe to the new photography page/feed by clicking here.

The mountain lion I wrote about yesterday, was trapped and is being relocated.

Sadly, he’s not being put back into the wild.

He will spend the rest of his days at a “wildlife sanctuary.”

Mr. Mountain Lion didn’t show any aggression toward humans, but he doesn’t appear to be afraid of them either.

This makes the local authorities afraid of potential lawsuits, I assume.

If they made the decision to release him into our local canyons/mountains, and Mr. Mountain Lion later ate someone, they’d be accused of bad judgment.

Poor kitty!

Here’s a photo the Orange County Register published of the cat at a local vet’s office:

Apparently Mr. Mountain Lion had fleas and ticks.


In any case, the vet has treated him (with Frontline – the same thing we use on our dogs) and he’ll be relocated soon.

Mountain lions (also known as cougars) are beautiful, powerful, animals.

I’m glad the authorities didn’t kill him.

After all, the poor guy was just minding his own business in our local mountains … as mountain lions are prone to do.

We have encroached on nature more than enough already here in California.

Now if they could just relocate the rest of our Orange County cougars …

I think they’re much more a threat to our society than this young mountain lion.

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Bing Cherries, Mountain Lions, Coyotes, Hummingbirds, and Spiders

I’m really having trouble concentrating on writing.

It started when I heard coyotes howling during the middle of the day.

We usually only hear them at night.

Daytime coyote howling is disturbing … something’s not right.

“Something” is bothering the coyotes.

Now, that can’t be good, can it?

I imagine it takes a lot to bother coyotes.

There’s also the strange “situation” with the hummingbirds lately.

Hummingbirds are very territorial.

Male hummingbirds chase other hummingbirds away from “their” feeder.

(They do let their girlfriends visit though.)

For most of my adult life, I’ve had the exact same two hummingbird feeders.

We get hummingbirds year-round here.

There are always a few hummingbirds in my backyard.

This year –

Something’s very different.

Flocks of hummingbirds!

I don’t know where they’re all coming from?

(By the way, what the above photo doesn’t show is all the other hummingbirds who were buzzing around my yard at the same time!)

Why are all of Orange County’s hummingbirds at MY house?

Why not at my neighbor’s?

Lots of people in our neighborhood have hummingbird feeders –

What’s going on?

Every day, MORE hummingbirds are showing up.

I think someone should do a “Dateline Special” on this freaky hummingbird occurrence.

To further distract me,

And totally unrelated ….

(Because I’ve never claimed to have a brain that makes sense!)

There are Bing Cherries everywhere I go.

I love Bing Cherries, but they’re showing up in places where they don’t belong.

The drugstore was selling bing cherries yesterday.

I’m expecting bing cherries to show up at OC gas stations next.

Very odd things are happening, people!

Last night, I went out on our patio (in the dark) to take the empty hummingbird feeders down.

My plan was to clean them, refill them, and hang them back outside.

(By the way, thoroughly cleaning hummingbird feeders is important so the the birds don’t get sick from mold/bacteria.)

I walked back into the house, set the feeders in the sink ….

And OH MY GAWD … there was an enormous, creepy, hairy, gigantic, orange, freaky, spider crawling down the hummingbird feeder.

I might have screamed.

(I really, really, dislike spiders.  They have WAY too many legs!)

Briefcase, who was sitting about seven feet away, didn’t even look up when I screamed.

I turned the faucet on “to wash the spider down the drain,” and begin dancing around the kitchen like a mad woman.





I chanted, Heebie!  Jeebie! over and over while I ran around in circles.

I was spider crazed.

The water from the sink was hitting the hummingbird feeder and splashing all over the kitchen.

After ten minutes or so,

Briefcase looked up at me, raised one eyebrow, and asked –

“What are you doing?”

This is what 25 years of marriage looks like, folks!

I’m still not over the gigantic, creepy, spider.

As I tried to convince myself, all these odd things are just a coincidence –

The local news came on with this:

There was a videotaped encounter between a mountain lion and a coyote not far from my house.

Mountain lions and coyotes don’t have encounters!

(To see the videotape, and/or read the article about it, click here.)

The mountain lion/coyote encounter happened in the same park, where a mountain lion ate a man a few years back.

No wonder the coyotes have been howling during the daytime.

I’m sure it’s just a matter of minutes until I do too!

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Let’s Talk About What’s New!

I’ve spent almost a year working on a redesign for Twenty Four At Heart.

Months were wasted when a web designer promised me results he/she did not deliver.

That, by the way, was a very costly and very frustrating experience.

I didn’t give up.

Instead, I reached out to a company I knew I could count on for awesome results.

My friends at GiggaSavvy have built me a beautiful website-framework.

Today, it goes “live.”

(If you notice anything funky please let me know.  It’s probably my fault.  I’ve been playing with all the new features and I quite possibly “broke” something!)

So, what’s new?

What’s changing?

What’s staying the same?

Here’s a list of things I want to share with you about my “new” site:

•  You’ll still find my usual nonsense right here, where it’s always been.  My life/my thoughts/my mishaps/my sometimes inappropriateness/my photos that go with my stories – !!

•  You can subscribe to the “normal/old blog” (nonsense/craziness/thoughts) by clicking here.

•  If you’re a new reader, you can learn a little about me on my “About” page.

Hint:  I’m not normal!

•  I’ll be focusing on all sorts of NEW fun photography information/contests/giveaways/tutorials on my new Photography Page.  (Listed under Photography in the navigation bar at the top of the page.)

•  You can subscribe to the Photography Page by clicking here.

•  That’s right – you can subscribe to one, or both, pages – !  (It’s magically like two separate blogs all wrapped into one.  Now, if there were only two of ME to keep up with them!)

•  If you don’t like subscribing to blogs, you can just visit the “old fashioned” way – by stopping by.  I love when you come to visit!  (Just remember, photography articles will be on the photography PAGE.)

•  The new Photography Page/Feed will include some great stuff!  I expect to publish photography related posts 2-3 times each week.

•  I’ve listed everything I’ll be including on the new photography page in my first photography article – which you can read HERE.

•  Are we confused yet?

•  All my blog/photo data has been transferred to a new server.  You don’t think you need to know that, but …

•  A new server means Twenty Four At Heart will load faster and more reliably when you come for a visit.  Hallelujah!

•  There’s a “Subscribe” tab in the navigation bar at the top of the blog.  It will allow you to subscribe to the normal/old blog, the Kindle edition of the blog, and/or the Photography Page.  (Sorry the Photography Feed is not available on Kindle yet!)

•  There’s also a “Shop” tab in the navigation bar at the top of the blog.  It will lead you to two separate pages:

1.  My GEAR page – which lists the camera gear I currently use the most.  I developed this page because I frequently (!)  get asked what camera/lenses/etc. I use.  (I will be adding more to this page over the next few weeks as time allows.  As it turns out, I have quite a lot of camera-related stuff to list for you on this page.)  You’ll get the advantage of having a fun and ongoing look at what’s in my camera bag.

2.  My PHOTO GALLERIES.  I’ve been selling my photos for several years now.  I’ve tried to make purchasing them as simple and straightforward as possible.

•  What else is new?

When I write a post on the normal/old/main blog, I frequently include photos.  I always have.

If I include a photo I think people might want to purchase, I can now make it a “one click” photo.  That means, you will be able to click directly on the photo to purchase it.

I, obviously, won’t do this with every photo I include in a post.  I’m sure you don’t want to buy a photo of my dogs, me, or my garden??

How will you know if a photo is a “one click” photo?  I’ll put a caption under the photo to tell you.  Likewise, if I ever post a photo you’d like to purchase, and it isn’t a “one click” photo and/or in my galleries, just let me know.  Perhaps, I just didn’t think enough people would be interested in purchasing it.  If I can make it available to you, I will.

•  What won’t I be doing with my new site?

I won’t be spamming you.  I won’t be trying to “push” photo sales on you.  I won’t be placing ads in the middle of articles.

I will still, always be ME.

I’m so excited –

Today is a new beginning, in my old and comfortable “home.”