Follow-Up Travel Gear

I wasn’t going to write a post-Hawaii travel gear post, but I thought it might be helpful for two reasons.

First, it will help me remember what worked and what didn’t for similar trips in the future.

Second, you’ll get to learn right along with me.

(I didn’t link the products I mention in this post, but you can find links to all of them in my original post on this topic.)

Here are my thoughts on what I liked and didn’t like about my Kauai vacation gear set-up:

•  I love my Canon 5D Mark III, and the strap I use makes it as easy as possible on my neck/upper back/bum arm.

•  I never once used my flash and diffuser – I could have left them home.  The 5D Mark III is excellent in low light and I didn’t find a flash necessary.

•  I only used my 100mm macro lens once or twice.  I could easily have subbed my 70 – 200mm for those shots instead.

(I love my 100mm macro, but the less gear you bring on a trip the less gear you have to lug around/worry about keeping secure/etc.)

•  My ThinkTank Streetwalker backpack continues to be a winner.

•  I used my 24mm for the vast majority of my shots.  This seems to be true whether I’m traveling or not.

•  My shots with my pocket Canon S95 were disappointing.  (I took it on a rafting trip to keep my 5D Mark III away from the water.)  Maybe I’m too “spoiled” by superior photo quality to settle for less?  I wouldn’t depend on it again.

•  I love the Hero 2 GoPro, although it certainly isn’t a substitute for a “real” camera.  It came in very handy when I was in the water, and it’s a lot of fun.

•  I have no regrets on bringing my 14mm and/or my 70 – 200mm.  I used both of them frequently and they were key to some important shots.

•  I didn’t use my tripod as much as I expected.  I didn’t get the photography time I wanted and I was often forced to “shoot on the run.”  However, when I did have the chance, I was glad to be able to take a few long exposure shots.  Having a tripod with me was key.

•  The filters I used the most were my polarizer, my big stopper, and my .6 soft grad neutral density.  I definitely over-packed on filters.  I expected leisurely time to shoot sunrises and sunsets.  I was with a big group of people, and there ended up being very little “leisure” time for photography.

We were busy “doing” all the time, and the shots I took were rushed more often than not.

If I took a similar trip with other photographers, or on my own, my additional filters would have gotten more use.

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