Get Ready, Get Set!

Next week, I will finally be “kicking off” this new Photography Page/Blog on Twenty Four At Heart.

It’s been a rough start with a lot of technical issues, and personal circumstances, interfering.

I have high expectations for this “room” of my house, it’s just taken me quite awhile to pull all the pieces together.

To celebrate everything coming together at last, I will be hosting some giveaways and contests next week.

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In the meantime,

I was asked how I “made” this photo:

Forests are beautiful, and also difficult to photograph well.

Even the smartest of cameras don’t see as well as our eyes do.

The combination of high and low exposure areas in a forest are challenging to capture.

For this shot, I knew I needed multiple exposures.

I didn’t have a tripod with me, so I hand held my camera and bracketed three shots.

(If this concept is new to you, it means I took one “normal” photo, one under-exposed photo, and one over-exposed photo.)

I then merged all three photos together to make the photo you see above.

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  1. Mike M

    I’ve always wanted one of those vests. I don’t always want to carry a bag with me when I’m out walking and the vest would make things easier than sticking gear in my pants pockets.


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