Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition

I was really excited to hear GoPro announced a new, improved, camera just in time for the holiday season.

The Go Pro Hero3 Black Edition Camera will, no doubt, be a huge success just like its predecessor has been.

My friends at B&H Photo are taking pre-orders now with an expected ship date of October 31st.

How excited am I?

Well, my name is on the pre-order list.

Why would I want this little, itty-bitty, camera when I have a professional camera to shoot with?

I use my current GoPro for all the shots I can’t take with my professional camera.

Photo © 24atHeart Photography, 2012

GoPro cameras have a reputation for filming extreme sports and going where “normal” cameras can’t.

The new Black Edition includes a wi-fi remote and waterproof housing.

Will I use the GoPro Hero3 instead of my “real” camera?

No, I won’t.

Will I use it in addition to my “real” camera?


I can hardly wait to play with the new Hero3 Black Edition.

P.S.  Technically, my current GoPro belongs to my teens.  The Hero3 Black Edition is going to be all mine.  If that means I need to hide it from my kids, so be it!

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