How To Clean a Camera Lens

One of my readers requested I write a post about Lens Cleaning.

Not long ago, I was giving a private photography lesson when I noticed how filthy my client’s lens was.

As it turns out, she had never cleaned it.


She was afraid to.

I clean my lenses constantly, and with good reason.

Trying to take a good photo through dirty glass is impossible.

Cleaning your lens isn’t difficult, but you do have to be careful not to scratch it.

(For instance, wiping a lens with a cloth when there’s sand on the lens would be BAD!)

First, I use a Giottos Rocket Air Blower to remove as much dust and debris as possible.

Yes, even the “little stuff” can scratch your lens.

A Giottos Rocket Air Blower is less than ten bucks, and I’ve had mine for years.

(It’s possible my kids laugh at me when I use my rocket blower, but hey – it works!)

After I’ve used the Air Blower, I use the brush on a LensPen to remove any remaining debris.

(A LensPen is also under ten bucks!)

I LOVE my LensPens

I keep them everywhere.

(I have one in my car, one in my purse, one in every camera bag I own!  I have a LensPen problem, I think!)

One end of the LensPen is a retractable soft brush, and the other is a round/concave cleaning tip.

I also keep a micro-fiber cloth in my cleaning kit.  (Some photographers prefer lens tissues.)

(For a selection of cleaning cloths/lens tissues to look at, you can click here.)

You don’t want to use facial tissues, paper towels, etc. because they will scratch your lens.

Sometimes I will put a few drops of Methyl Alcohol (or lens cleaning solution) on my micro-fiber cloth (not on the lens itself) to clean smudges off.

Giottos even makes a great lens cleaning kit with pretty much everything you need.  (Under $11)

Camera gear is expensive –

Take care of it!

3 Responses to “How To Clean a Camera Lens”

  1. Alexis (MN)

    Thank you SO much for this! Now, do you also clean the part of the camera where the lens attaches to the body?

    • Suzanne

      Yes, I do. I find it doesn’t need to be cleaned nearly as often because I’m exceedingly careful when changing lenses. (Well, except for once in awhile when I’m NOT!) : )

  2. twitched

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    This will save them some money from hiring a professional photographer.
    A good photography education needs to be put into practice.


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