Lenses For Sale

I’m selling a few lenses I don’t use as much as others.

I have a barely (never?) used  Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Image Stabilizer USM Autofocus Lens for sale.  It’s a great beginner “all around” lens.

I am selling it for $320.00.  

I also have a barely used Canon 24-105mm f/4L IS USM AF for sale.  This is an awesome, sharp, lens.  I mainly shoot with prime lenses though so it just isn’t getting used.  I am selling it for $759.00.

I’ve listed both for about 20% under “new” pricing.

Let me know if you have an interest.

If they aren’t sold in a week,

I’ll be selling them at the same prices, or slightly more, on EBay.

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