Photography Gift Ideas

I thought I’d list ten (not-over-the-top-expense-wise) photography related gift ideas today.

Some of them might be just right for the photographer in your life – or, perhaps, for yourself.

I’m going to link to both Amazon and B&H Photo on each item.  Sale prices are changing daily during the holiday season.  Linking to both will make it easier for you to shop.

•  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4  –  a must have for anyone who takes their photography seriously.  (Available at Amazon and/or B&H Photo.)

•  The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby  –  A great, easy to understand, book for someone who is new to Lightroom.  (Available at Amazon and/or B&H Photo.)

•  SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash Memory Card 16 GB  –   Who doesn’t need memory cards?  Great for stocking stuffers too!  (Available at Amazon and/or B&H Photo.)

•  Wacom Intuos 5 Touch Pen Tablet  –  For the more creative photographer.  (Available at Amazon:  Small Tablet or Medium Tablet and/or B&H Photo:  Small Tablet  and/or Medium Tablet.)

•  Lenspen Cleaning Kit  –  This makes a great stocking stuffer!  I am never without a Lenspen.  (Available at Amazon and/or B&H Photo.)

•  Black Rapid Camera Strap  –  I LOVE my Black Rapid Strap!  (Available at Amazon:  Women’s Strap  or  Men’s Strap and/or B&H Photo:  Women’s Strap  or  Men’s Strap.)

•  Circular Polarizer Filter  –  A must have for most photographers.  (Available at Amazon and/or B&H Photo.)

•  LaCie 1TB Rugged Triple Interface Portable Hard Drive  –  You DO backup your photos, right?  I depend on these always – especially when I travel!  (Available at Amazon and/or B&H Photo.)

•  Lexar Professional USB 3 Dual Card Reader  –  I’ve tried several.  This is my favorite.  (Available at Amazon and/or B&H Photo.)

•  A beautiful artistic print from your favorite photographer.  (Available with a 20% discount by entering code 24atHeart upon checkout:  Click HERE.)

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