Photography – Travel – Vest Giveaway!!

I’m celebrating FINALLY getting this photography blog/page up and running.

It’s taken a year.  It’s taken two different web design companies.  

The process hasn’t been pretty – but WOO HOO it’s done!!

To thank you for your patience, and to welcome those of you who are new here, I’m hosting some giveaways this week!

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On average, I take one photography-related trip per month.

When I home, I’m often out and about taking photos of Southern California.

As most of you know, I only have one fully functioning arm.

Carrying photography gear is difficult.

In fact, even if both of my arms worked 100%, it would be difficult for me to always have my most used photography “stuff” with me.

I looked into photography vests and found most of them to be too hot/heavy for the warm climate I live in.

Instead, I chose a Weekender Traveler Air Vest.

It’s lightweight, cool (ventilated sides and back!), and has lots of easy access pockets.

The shoulder area has just enough padding to ease shoulder burden if you have a camera strap or backpack (or purse) strap on.

The vest isn’t designed to carry the heaviest of photography equipment, but for me – it does its job.

My lens pen, lens cover, cleaning cloth, glasses, filters, extra batteries, flash cards, cable release, water bottle …

All my “I need it quick while I’m standing knee-deep in the ocean shooting” stuff fits easily in the vest.

The vest can be worn by a man or woman.

I take a photography backpack and wear my Weekender Traveler Air Vest when I’m working.

(Any girlie stuff that would go into a purse can be put in the vest pockets instead.)

When I’m in the water shooting (as I often am), my backpack remains nearby on the beach and everything I need “in the moment” is in the pockets of the vest.

It’s also a great thing to have with me when I travel.

Yes, I “wear” an awful lot of stuff right onto the plane.

In fact, I would love this vest for travel even if I wasn’t a photographer.

It allows me to travel with one less carry-on, get through airport security easily, and still take lots of stuff (camera gear AND lip gloss, gum, iPod, phone, airline tickets, and a wallet) right with me.

By the way, I think this vest would get a lot of use for anyone, photographer or not.

It may not be the sexiest thing I’ve ever warn, but I’ve never once regretted having it with me.

It’s just so easy to toss it on over whatever I’m wearing and be “hands free” for a hike/a walk/a day at the beach.

I usually leave the front of the vest open, unfastened, so I don’t look like I’m going fishing/hunting.

(Note:  When you wash it, make sure the velcro pockets are closed/fastened so they don’t latch onto the mesh back.)

If you’d like to be entered to win a Weekender Traveler Air Vest, just leave a comment below.

Winners to this week’s contests/giveaways will be picked randomly and announced on Wednesday, October 10th.

34 Responses to “Photography – Travel – Vest Giveaway!!”

  1. Denise

    I am the first to comment? Wow, I guess it pays to wake up early. I never considered a vest like this but I can see that it would be a great wearable assistant. I agree, not sexy, but who cares about that anyway?

    LOVE your photo today.

  2. WebSavvyMom

    –>I had a version of this in a light yellow my senior year in high school. It wasn’t because I was a photographer but because it was weird and different and I liked it.

  3. Dan

    Looks like just what I need for the long walks were you don’t know what gear to bring.

  4. Deon

    Thanks for pointing out that vest! I always sit with things that weigh down my pants, pockets, etc! This will do nicely! BTW, stunning photographs on your blogs as well!

  5. Terry

    Great way to have all the small items handy. Light weight for the warm climates. Wear a sweater under when the cooler weather arrives.

  6. PandT Davis

    Congratulations on getting the site up and running. They can be daunting, especially when you need them to do the business side of things and not just share out photos you take 🙂

  7. David Spector

    Very nice of you to be giving a vest away. I have been thinking about getting one for myself when I go out hiking with all my gear.

  8. Tom Dwyer

    I woke up this morning feeling lucky!

    Then found I was out of coffee! (This never happens) I’m a coffee nut!

    Maybe this contest will change my luck around.

    Tell you this.. I understand the frustration of opening a quality photography blog. My site took about as much time to get lined up. It took me a year to add a video AND I DID IT JUST LAST NIGHT!

    Great site – Good luck to all!
    I ll like your site, share it.. Maybe it will help some.

  9. Mary A VerHelst

    Suzaane –

    Congratulations on getting your blog/page up and running. It is nice and I love your photos! Please count me in the running for the vest too. I am always looking for a more effective way to carry everything. Also – I admire your love and dedication to photography with one arm!!

  10. Alexis (MN)

    I really MUST dig around in THIS site more. Very pretty!! And, that vest looks a lot like the one the White House Press Secretary gets handed as part of the press corp tradition when a new person takes over……nice!

  11. Craig

    Nice looking vest. I have a fishing vest that I bought several years ago because it was so much cheaper than any of the photo vests I could find on the market. It’s done well for me, but I always wish that it was a different color, black preferably.

  12. Abby

    I love the photography section. As a long time admirer of photography I really appreciate your photos so much.

  13. Linda Tustin

    Oh me me! Love this! Glad your blog is up. I will be a fervent follower. Going to Costa Rica in December and I need some pointers. Thanks Suzanne for all you do!

  14. Sara

    Congratulations on getting your site up and running! Your photographs are always amazing!

  15. Joseph Mangiacotti

    I’m so Happy to hear You got Your Site up and running, it sounds like it wasn’t easy. I Wish You Good Fortune. Your Photographs are Exceptional. I can’t wait to See More. I also really Like the Vest, I can use one it’s very functional. Thank You for the Opportunity to receive one. Looking Foward to Visiting Your Site and Seeing More of Your Pictures, they’re Very Inspiring. Sincerely, Joe

  16. Rebecca Daniels

    This is just what I need for backpacking photography adventures in the north!

  17. Carrie

    Congrats on the site and I’m looking forward to your posts. I love the vest idea to be able to carry all the stuff you need, a smaller camera bag and NO purse. Now why didn’t I think of that. lol

  18. Stephen

    I wonder if those pockets would hold 30 round ar 15 clips. :-O

  19. Brenda

    Oh my! right now I have things bungied to me and stuff hanging from my belt.I keep telling everyone I am going to invent a way to carry my gear. Kinda like a beauty pageant sash. Save me from embarrassing my cohorts. It;s bad enough most of the time I have on a dress and heels while deep in the woods of Maine.

  20. Jan Karlo Camero

    Wow, for a travel photographer like me, this will be a great tool. All my stuff can be organized and I can focus on shooting instead of minding of my things alot. 🙂 I NEED THIS 🙂

  21. Jenny in MN now in AZ

    Again, thanks for educating me. I didn’t know this existed. I need one of these!

  22. Yvette van Teeffelen

    Looks like a great vest, would make my life easier for sure 😉
    Yes, yes, yes, pick me, pick me, pick me!!!
    LOVE your blog and I’d LOVE to win.
    You’ve got some great giveaways here ;)!

  23. Roberto Gelleni

    I love that ! It looks so neat, with all those pockets !
    May I have one, sir, “please” .. ? 😉

  24. Mark Weston

    I like the comments about photography at the beach and your travel use of this vest. Good idea that I never considered.

  25. Howard

    Hmm., an actual vest would definitely be a step up.. and ‘slight’ improvement to the faded black fleece with all it’s sagging pockets that I currently appear to favour as my wardrobe of choice… – thanks for considering my comment Suzanne..

  26. David Perez

    I like vests, I think are essential for photographers, for its versatility and functionality, and if they are of much better quality.


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