Simple Ways To Improve Your Photos

You’d like to improve your photos, but maybe you don’t want to spend much time learning about photography.

Here are a few quick thoughts to get you started.

•  Keep your horizon line straight when you take a landscape photo.

•  Get closer!  Fill the frame up.

•  Take a moment to consider what the subject is of your photo.

•  Clouds are (most often) better for outdoor photography than clear skies.

•  The best time for outdoor photos is just before/after sunrise and sunset.

•  Start noticing the light.  Later, when you look at your photos pay attention to how the light affected your outcome.  Harsh light makes for harsh shadows.  Just becoming aware of light and how it ultimately affects your shots is a big part of improving.

•  Try changing your point of view.  Most people walk up to a subject, put the camera to their eye and click.  Try squatting down for a low viewpoint, or finding a place higher up.  It will make your photos more interesting to look at.

•  Notice the details.  Everyone sees the building.  Do you see intersting details about the building?  Perhaps the doors or windows?

•  If you’re taking a photo of a child or a pet don’t shoot “down” on them.  Get on the same level as your subject.

•  Focus on a person and/or animal’s eyes.  Eyes should always be in focus.

•  The best camera is the one you have with you.

•  Patterns are interesting.  Look for repetition.

•  Simplicity often wins in photography.  When there aren’t a lot of distractions, your subject shines.

•  Notice the background in your frame.  Does the telephone pole behind your subject look like an alien coming out of his head?

•  Try to tell a story with the photo you are about to take.

•  Don’t aimlessly click off several frames in the hope of getting a good shot.  (Photographers have a term for that – spray and pray!)  Take the time to actually think about the photo you’re about to take.  The light, the composition, the subject, and whether or not you could improve the outcome by re-framing, or moving a little – up or down, or to the right or left.  Little adjustments can make a big difference.

•  Focus, focus, and don’t forget to focus.  It’s okay to purposely make “soft” photos in some instances.  It isn’t okay to be sloppy at focusing.  (Most cameras have Autofocus which is ideal for many situations.)

•  Don’t be afraid of failure.  So you tried to take a cool silhouette photo and it didn’t work.  That’s okay.  Find out why, and make the necessary changes for next time.  It may take practice, but you CAN do it.


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    Thanks for providing the link to B&H. I had no idea you could get a nice, used DSLR for such reasonable prices. I’m sold!


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