The Photography Gear I’m Packing

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Okay – onward!

Deciding what gear to take with me on a photography trip is always very difficult.  I can pack my clothes in minutes, but I spend hours agonizing over what gear to bring.  Part of the difficulty is the situation with my arm.  I have one working arm which makes everything more difficult.  The less I have to haul around with me, the better.

At the same time, I’ve been wishing for a Kauai photography trip for years.  I certainly would hate to be there, have the “perfect” shot, and not be able to take it because I left a piece of equipment at home.  If I had two good working arms, I could bring a little bit more – it’s SO hard to find the right balance.  (I’ll have a little help at certain times on this trip, but not the entire time.)

So – here’s what I plan to take to Kauai for ten days of shooting.  (I’ve included as many links as I could for those of you who want them!)

•  Canon 5D Mark III  (on a Black Rapid RS-W strap)

•  Canon 70-200mm lens

•  Canon 24mm lens

•  Canon 14mm lens

•  Canon 100mm lens

•  580EX Speedlite w/diffuser  (I probably won’t ever use it, but …!)

•  RRS Versa Tripod, 55 Ballhead, camera and lens plates  (Really Right Stuff)

•  Three Canon batteries

•  Battery charger

•  Multiple CF cards

•  Card Reader

•  My MacBook Pro (with Lightroom and Photoshop on it for processing photos)

•  An external hard drive for backing up my photos

•  Filter pouch containing soft grad filters, Lee Big Stopper, Reverse grad filter, circular polarizing filters, various nd filters.  (I expect I’ll need filters on my lenses most of the time I’m on this trip.)

•  My lens/filter cleaning kit.

•  Canon S95  (old point and shoot to take on raft trip)  Included with it will be memory cards, battery, backup battery.

•  GoPro Hero 2 with waterproof housing and multiple accessories.  (This is the “kids camera” but I bet I’ll  steal it  use it some too.)

I will be using my ThinkTank Streetwalker Pro backpack.

While hiking, I’ll also wear a ThinkTank Pro Speed Belt with my filter pouch attached.  I’ll also have a ThinkTank LC75 pop down pouch on the belt for my 70-200mm lens.  (It will help my bum shoulder to have that big lens on my hip instead of on my back.)

I’d love to throw in a few other things, but I’m going to use all my willpower NOT to.

Umm …. except maybe for my 50mm.

Or my 135mm.

Or ……

2 Responses to “The Photography Gear I’m Packing”

  1. Elaine Bennett

    I’d love to see a photo of what this pile of gear actually looks like. I’m great about setting piles of what I’d LIKE to pack, but when it comes time to actually fit it into the available bag, I end up editing quite a bit. What did the final “pack down” end up looking like. I have 2 mostly working arms (minus some tennis elbow issues), but my back can’t do large or heavy bags for very long.
    Love your work and the new photog site!


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