Travel Photography

There have been books written about travel photography.

There are websites entirely devoted to it.

And yet, with a vacation coming up soon –

Travel photography is what’s on my mind.

Situations vary, of course, but I thought I’d share my thoughts regarding my upcoming trip.

First, I want to travel light.

Even if I didn’t have a “bum” arm, I wouldn’t want to lug a lot of heavy equipment with me.

Photography equipment is also frequently targeted for theft.

The less I bring with me, the less I have to worry about.

At the same time, I don’t want to be faced with “missing” a photograph because I don’t have what I need.

A tripod will be a must.

I will also want most of my filters with me since I’ll be shooting on beaches (lots of bright sun), and also taking long exposure shots.

I always keep extra camera batteries and memory cards on hand also.

(I learned the “extra battery” lesson the hard way many years ago. ┬áIt was not a fun lesson to learn.)

What type of shots am I hoping to capture?

I make my income primarily off of landscape photos, so I’m sure I’ll take many of those.

(The topography in Kauai is stunning.)

However, I will also want to capture the people (family and friends) I’ll be traveling with.

My upcoming trip was originally planned as a photography expedition, but it has morphed into a family and friends vacation also.

I’d hate to come home without memorable photos of the people I’ll be sharing the Kauai experience with.

I’d like to also capture local residents and any friends we make while we’re traveling.

I’ll take a few images of our vacation “home.”

So many people don’t think to take a photo of their hotel room/hostel/bed and breakfast/condo/rental home when they’re travelling.

I find it fun to look back at past accommodations years later.

Pictures of the sights we visit, and experiences we have, while traveling will be valuable keepsakes.

(This is true whether we’re out on a local shopping trip or hiking in the rain forest.)

Oftentimes, the little things make for the most awesome photos.

I’ll concentrate on stepping back to look at the smaller pieces within the whole instead of just “the big picture” all the time.

I take so many landscape photos as my job, sometimes I need to remind myself to see the small things.

What are the small things?

Possibly the food I eat, an animal I encounter, or a detail of a building rather than the building itself.

A small thing could be a vine in the rain forest instead of the rain forest itself.

I’m also in the habit of taking photos of signs when I travel.

Sometimes I take sign photos because a sign is funny or memorable.

More often, I take photos of signs to remind me where I was shooting and/or conditions about that particular place.

There is another important thing to be cognitive of when traveling,

It’s important to enjoy the experience you’re having.

Sometimes I’ll put the camera down and just LOOK and FEEL.

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